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Title: Does the story matter with this one?
Post by: Homefry31464 on 24 Jun 2005, 22:21:14
Hmm... well I've been thinking about making a mission as of late.. and frankly the more I think the more I realize the story aspect of the mission is what is slowing me up.  Yes... I know a compelling story is important in a mission, but I think there are somethings that come before they story when making a good mission.

But.. this thread wasn't for that type of discussion really.  I made it to discuss some ideas as to things (like scripts) that you want to see included in a mission.  

For a mission... I like to be imensely outnumbered and have the situation seem hopeless.  When I make a mission... it normally places me in a situation that I really need to think to get out of... say shot and pinned down behind enemy lines.

Anywho... if your still following me; there are a few things I really want to get working and included in a mission.  With things like being grossly outnumbered... you need things like CAS that actually works... hell I can't normally rely on the AI aircraft alone.  

The second thing is an enemy respawn/delete script. This allows for unlimited resistance.. and if it is done right the mission can be full of action the entire time.  Imagine having AI covering the entire island without the lag there would be if each unit was run at once.  

The third is a sort of command system.  It would allow the player to report enemy positions to HQ, call in air support/strikes, and recieve messages from other friendly units.  It would also have a sort of note system.  It would have to be dialog based... and allow the player to easily view and manage resources.  If it all could be compiled and finished correctly, then it would enable the player to effectively report units and allow HQ to move them in.

Now... you might be wondering... what the hell was the point of this thread in the first place? The thing is... us as mission makers know what we want in a mission... but because we all have likes and dislikes... we all don't agree on what is 'good'.  So.. post what type of extra features, outside of the hardcoded features BIS included, that you would like to see in future missions.
Title: Re:Does the story matter with this one?
Post by: The-Architect on 30 Jul 2005, 06:40:13
A really good airstrike script which would allow you actually hit stuff.

The ability to hijack vehicles and be disguised whilst in them. Unless of course someone gets close enough to discover you.

A nice script which would allow you to use silenced weapons but reveal your position if you used noisey ones. I know that happens anyway but there are ways to build on it and add to the mission.

Random weather script which worked. Minus thick fog though because that's just shit. I mean that everytime you start the mission the weather is different, not that the weather changes during the mission. Like clear as a bell one minute then after a transition of like 5 minutes it's 10ft visibility. You know how shit that would be. A nice weather effect I tried to achieve once was having it snow for a little bit and then periodically have the snow turn into rain and back.

A good enemy tracking script which is easy for me to pinch and use in one of my missions.  ;)

That's about it.