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Title: MP Mission: Death Squad v. Extraction...
Post by: Kundich on 03 May 2005, 15:37:48
I've started working on a conept, principally for use with WGL Mod, but I suppose it's the idea I'm most interested in pitching here.  Let me just say, I'm a big fan of objective-based missions.

The mission is well-armed SF v. poorly-armed FIA on Malden (at Chapoi in the current incarnation).

The principal objective of SF is to preserve the lives of a group of civilians, who have hidden themselves around the buildings of the town, until a helo-extract can be arranged.

The principal objective of FIA is to prevent extraction of the civilians by eliminating them.

The extraction will occur at a relatively random time at a spot designated by SF leader.  Once all living civilians are away, the mission will end.

Since I expect a mixed score, i.e. partial objectives by both sides, I have developed a scoring system that will handle partial objectives being met, so there will never be a doubt for score junkies about who wins.

There's some other little features I'm trying to work out for greater flexibility by PLAYERS.  Any thoughts on the concept?

Title: Re:MP Mission: Death Squad v. Extraction...
Post by: Kundich on 03 May 2005, 19:10:21
Just thought I'd clarify that it is MP/COOP compatible.  The FIA, although relatively poorly armed, outnumbers SF by a factor of about 2.5:1 in the current concept.