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Title: C&C
Post by: JFK on 05 Oct 2002, 18:36:25
i know this is a bit weird, but iv seen worse
iv been toying around with making a C&C MOD, and i know some one came up with the scripting for harvesting etc.

Knowing me sum1s already come up with this,  :-\ tell me if they have!!!!!!!

i have got a few not bad models, and they r the first modles iv ever fully made, so even if this isnt a gud idea, im still gonna post sum pics sou can tell me that my models look stupid :)

which they r............
Title: Re:C&C
Post by: Robbo on 07 Oct 2002, 11:06:53
http://ofp.gamezone.cz/ had a news story on a C&C demo for flashpoint, the link goes to here http://operation-x.unitedgaming.net/main.htm (http://operation-x.unitedgaming.net/main.htm)
Hope that helps  ;)
Title: Re:C&C
Post by: JFK on 12 Oct 2002, 16:05:09
thx! ill check it out

buildings r gonna be the hardest things to do, put ill talk about that in the "addon ideas section" l8r.

thx Robbo