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Title: return to first love
Post by: lanfear666 on 16 Mar 2005, 20:21:40
hello, I'm back
After too many years to play to another games (good and bad games) i'm back to my first true love... Operation Flashpoint.

I just want to know if you can give me the name of some "new" mission to back in the buisness ...
thank you and i'm glad to see you're still ready for action...
Title: Re:return to first love
Post by: macguba on 16 Mar 2005, 21:04:23
Welcome back! :wave:

Head over to the Missions Depot.    There you can sort missions by various means, including score, popularity and date.

If you really want to get back into the saddle go the the Missions Beta testing board and get stuck in.   That way you can both play missions and make difference to how they turn out.