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Title: Propaganda on Tonal
Post by: Fire-Fox on 28 Nov 2004, 03:34:04
I just had the following mission idea. It uses the BAS Tonal addon.

Military situation is as follows: Tatu is divided into green, yellow, and red sectors. Green is controlled by government forces, yellow is uncontrolled sector and red sectors are known locations of hostile militia activity. US forces have set up their base on the central airport.

The player is a US agent who operates from the central airport. His mission is to drive to a yellow sector of Tatu in a normal car at night and put up propaganda posters against the militia's warlord. This is done by camcreating one of the poster objects through an action. There has to be a certain distance between these posters, or probably they have to be at pre-planned locations.

Of course the militia in the yellow sectors would react hostile to the car, but due to setcaptive it does not because a car is not something so unusual that they would just start shooting at it on sight. But the player has to be careful, especially concerning arms: He is not to carry any gun in his hands, otherwise the setcaptive will be set to false and he finds himself surrounded by hundreds of wild militia guys in Tatu. But for emergency situations- which by scripting will occur to make the mission tense- there is a silenced Uzi in the car.

There could be a lot of things happening. For example the player is driving down a road and all of a sudden there is shooting between government-friendly militia and the warlord's militia. Probably the player is tempted to draw his Uzi then although nobody is actually shooting at him.

A big idea would be that of multiple-choice dialogues, done with dialogs (;D). For example the player runs into a militia strongpoint and has to stop his car. Now he has to give satisfying answers to the strongpoint leader in order to avoid being forced to get out of his car or even being shot. We could even simulate a part of real intel operators here by writing pseudo-psychological analyses in the briefing. Only based on that the player can determine what the right answers are.

Well, I'm sure this idea could be developed further, although I think that the actual creation of such a mission would be quite an amount of work.
Title: Re:Propaganda on Tonal
Post by: Rokket on 28 Nov 2004, 08:01:47
interesting. Tonal's the place for it.Might have to make it some kind of recon of certain people at certain times instead of posetrs...

Title: Re:Propaganda on Tonal
Post by: ollestolpe on 28 Nov 2004, 08:59:27
It's an awsome idea!

But how about keeping the posters idea, but making the player resistance instead.
In this kind of mission it would be much more exciting to be on the underdogs side..

Great idea!
Title: Re:Propaganda on Tonal
Post by: Fire-Fox on 28 Nov 2004, 13:02:59
@Mr Stolpe (btw this is the name of the German minister of traffic ;D)
Why not? This could also make you feel a bit more uncertain as you are not backed by the CIA and/or government troops but just some rebel group who might be unreliable.

I think your idea is just as good but at the moment I cannot think of a way of having the player do both jobs in one mission. :-\ Probably as a hidden objective? Or probably wait until person x (warlord or local militia leader or something) has left the area, then most of the militia will move away, too, so you are clear to put up the posters...
Title: Re:Propaganda on Tonal
Post by: dmakatra on 28 Nov 2004, 18:50:55
Yea, I'm with Stolpe. Good idea.

:beat: *Gets Shot* :beat:
Title: Re:Propaganda on Tonal
Post by: Rokket on 29 Nov 2004, 08:07:44
resistance works with the poster idea well.