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Title: Any ideas, lads? I've run out!
Post by: CameronMcDonald on 20 Sep 2004, 00:08:41
Hey to all, I've been working on my second campaign mission for yonks, and I still haven't got past the pub door! The mission is to take place in St. Pierre, Everon. I've done the intro, and I know how the outro goes too, but the mission is beyond me. For anyone who wants to help, here's the jist of what's going on.

1. In the intro, Pvt. McDonald, Turner and Byrd are getting the jeep's radio and battery replaced down at the fuel station - naturally, the US boys decide to go to the pub while the mechanic is repairing it. Once inside, the soldiers begin talking about the current situation - civil unrest near Chotain, and the formation of a Russian-backed insurgent group of civilians hiding in forests. On that note of distant tension, Turner quips that they'd better go check on the jeep. The intro ends.

2. You start inside the pub, with Turner and Byrd just outside. Byrd calls to you, and once you've joined them, you all start walking down the road. Dot, dot, dot. From here, I'm stumped. It has to be some kind of civvie attack (see above), but exactly how I'm unsure. Needs to be some kind of objective too, like "retrieve intravenous fluids for wounded."

3. The outro has either Turner or Byrd wounded. I'd prefer Byrd, but it's kinda inconsequential right now. So one of them has to be wounded in the mission.

This is really driving me insane. Any ideas/suggestions might just help to nudge that currently inactive chunk of grey matter inside my head, and would be greatly appreciated.

Title: Re:Any ideas, lads? I've run out!
Post by: Tyger on 20 Sep 2004, 00:11:54
how about they see the jeep drive off and chase after it walking into an ambush...

gtg write more later
Title: Re:Any ideas, lads? I've run out!
Post by: Tyger on 20 Sep 2004, 02:21:56
okay, srry that i was cut off :P

maybe the fuel station is lit on fire (u'll see where this comes in), and u run toward it to save it from the flames. As u near it though, several pistol and rock and AK74CZ wielding civs attack, and u realize that the fire was started as a lure for the ambush. u fight them off and Byrd is wounded, so u get on the jeep radio, which wasn't destroyed, and call for med. They send u to a hospital (doesn't have to be real building) to get plasma for Byrd while HQ dispatches a slick. Then the chopper is hit and crash lands outside city, so u have to prcure a UAZG or sumthin and head to the crash site. then u wait for the CSAR, and blah blah blah, game over.

My other idea was that the jeep is stolen and u run after it into an ambush...
Maybe they abondon the jeep after u kill most of their lads, and follow the above story line.
Title: Re:Any ideas, lads? I've run out!
Post by: CameronMcDonald on 23 Sep 2004, 00:17:52
Thanks, man! You've jumpstarted me! I'll get working on it right away.
Many thanks, C"G"McD