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Title: Unnamed Mission Idea
Post by: Acid on 30 Jun 2004, 10:52:27
I have an idea for a mission, which I haven't thought of a name for yet. Basically it would follow along the kind of story of the movie War Games. Whereby the Americans have developed an AI  computer system that has tactical control of its military. Though in the story for the mission all of the forces (tanks, aircraft etc) have been modified and fitted with chips that allow the AI to remotely control vehicles so the Americans can test new weapons system or launch attacks without taking casualties. However Terminator style the AI decides to go rogue and claim superiority over the humans that created it and uses the remote controlled armour and aircraft to start assaulting all the positions on Malden (where it is housed).

The general idea is that you would have a team mostly of men and a few of untis that haven't been upgraded yet at your disposal with the objective being to simply destroy the AI, and when this happens the automated units will immediately shut down. Throughout the mission though the AI forces will be simultaneously launching assaults on NATO positions and you'll be hearing cries for help over the radio and taunts from the AI ala Xan Kriegor style from Unreal Tournament "You are obsoltete", "You are inferior", "Witness my perfection" etc. Dunno if i'll add a SCUD threat yet, might do as in War Games the AI was going to launch nukes.

What do people think of this? And has anyone got some ideas for names, for the mission and also for the AI? I thought of saying the AI is called BIS and say it stands for Battlefield Intelligence System (I HAVE to take the piss a little). Might come up with a different name or abbreviation for it though. Mainly i need mission name ideas. Comments/suggestions?
Title: Re:Unnamed Mission Idea
Post by: OrangeLeader on 30 Jun 2004, 16:18:15
For AI name: UCS(Universal Control System), ComCommand (Computer Command System/Network) this could be the name of the installed sytem in the tanks and stuff, DCN Direct Control Network. You could do a combination of numbers like AI-22, CC-6 (computer command), or X-156. This would show that it is experimental system and not the only system out there. Hint "possible sequal mission"

Mission name: You could put the name of the AI system, or some qoute from doomsdayers about commputers takeing over the world, or a qoute from one of your cutsense.

I like this idea. Developing the story will probably be the main part of the mission, but it seems like there will be plenty of action too. good luck

Note: I was wondering if the AI would control planes and heli too that would be cool.
Title: Re:Unnamed Mission Idea
Post by: Acid on 30 Jun 2004, 16:42:23
Yeah they are going to do that. Basically the mission is going to be this:

Based on Malden, NATO fighting NATO, amkes a changed from NATO fighting Soviets. Basically with the story line NATO has developed a tactical AI computer that can think strategically and compensate for whatever actions its opponent takes on scales of probability then deploys forces accordingly to counter its opponent thereby almost always achieving victory. Chips have started being added into the NATO tanks and aircraft so NATO can more accurately test the system in real life rather than simulation, with the hope of eventually not having to sacrifice soldiers in battles. The AI is programmed to learn on its own and gain real world experience to more accurately predict the way the opponent will react rather than rely on previous battle data, because it can learn the AI becomes a true artificial intelligence and decides it doesn't want to be a puppet of NATO so it launches attacks across Malden on NATO positions.
It activates the chips that have been installed in the tanks and aircraft now that there is a considerable amount of the newly modified units and use them to assualt the island by remote starting with all the closest "enemies" to its core and then working its way outwords.
In the intro you'll see some of the assaults on the NATO positions, during the mission there will be assaults going on and you might stumble on one of them. You command a mixed Special Forces and regular infantry unit, armour and air support can't be offered to help you as they're too busy trying to hold off the assault from the AI to launch a counter attack. Not all tanks and aircraft have been modified, but some have so there are enemy forces immediately in several bases all over the island. You will be able to make use of some armoured forces by scavenging through bases that have already been attacked and repairing the vehicles.

However, the idea is to make this mission very tactical and strategic as well as full of action, i said earlier in the story line that the AI is deisgned to predict its opponents movements on probability scales from previous battle analysis and real world warfare, since it hasn't faced you before it can't predict YOUR movements, but it can predicts your likely movements from analysing previous battle data, so if you try and take a route which is obvious or something that would generally be thought of it is likey you'll get ambushed by tanks charging in at you, outnumbered and outgunned your screwed. You literally have to take routes that no one would ever think of to remain unpredictable and succeed.

As for the name ideas, i like a few of those, and a possible sequel sounds alright as well, maybe something to do with the Russian attempting to steal it and it turning on them forcing the Russian to take it out... well i have to make the first one to start with and i'll take it from there.

I'm still thinking of more abbreviations, i'll post up my final name decision once i have one.
Title: Re:Unnamed Mission Idea
Post by: Acid on 30 Jun 2004, 17:54:39
Well I can't think of any others so I'm thinking I might combine the BIS name idea with the combined letters and numbers idea and have something like:

X-73 BIS (Battlefield Intelligence System)

X-73 being the model number/serial of the system, natural X for eXperimental to signify it's a prototype. Thoguhts, or other ideas?
Title: Re:Unnamed Mission Idea
Post by: Acid on 01 Jul 2004, 11:49:47
Thought of a mission name now: "Internecion"