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Title: FAQ
Post by: Winslynn on 11 Jun 2004, 19:57:26
 I'm trying to get downloaded missions to work with no luck.Is there somewhere that I could see FAQ about this? ;D
Title: Re:FAQ
Post by: macguba on 11 Jun 2004, 20:08:02
I don't think there is a specific FAQ for this.   Tell us more about the problem and we'll try to help.     What did you do?   What went wrong?    Do official single missions included with the game play ok?
Title: Re:FAQ
Post by: Winslynn on 11 Jun 2004, 21:25:06
 Yes,all my regular single missions in OFP and Red Hammer work just fine.I download the missions[5 so far],unzip them,then paste them in the missions folder.They start to initialize then I am thrown back to the main menu screen. :-[
Title: Re:FAQ
Post by: dmakatra on 11 Jun 2004, 21:42:21
What version of OFP are you using?

:beat: *Gets Shot* :beat:
Title: Re:FAQ
Post by: Dubieman on 11 Jun 2004, 22:00:48
A few things could be wrong:

wrong version- so best to get 1.96 since it takes all mission versions

wrong add ons or missing addons- lose the mission or download the add ons

not unzipped- you understand this so this isn't the problem probably

not in right folder- mp missions go in the mp missions and single player missions go in the missions folder, stay clear of your users Winslynn missions folder

the mission just doesn't plain work- not much you can do here, delete it or yell at the author :D

U could name and tell us where the mission came from too...        
Title: Re:FAQ
Post by: Winslynn on 12 Jun 2004, 03:44:37
 I have version 1.75 of OFP,when I tried to install 1.96 it said I needed version1.85 in order to install 1.96.Arghhh!
 I tried to get version 1.85,the first site said it was outdated and replaced by 1.96.Arghhh!
 I will try to find 1.85 somewhere else I guess. :P

Title: Re:FAQ
Post by: Winslynn on 12 Jun 2004, 04:29:50
 Thanks guys,I went back in time a couple years and downloaded an earlier mission-it works fine. :D
 I'll update my 1.46 tommorrow and then I can play the newer missions. ;D
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Title: Re:FAQ
Post by: Homefry31464 on 12 Jun 2004, 05:15:48
You realize you need OFP: Resistance (the expansion to CWC) in order to patch past 1.46?
Title: Re:FAQ
Post by: macguba on 12 Jun 2004, 11:42:42
Official patches here. (http://www.flashpoint1985.com/index2.html)   You can patch directly from Resistance (1.75) to 1.96.
Title: Re:FAQ
Post by: Winslynn on 12 Jun 2004, 20:22:59
 Thanks for the headsup,I have the Resistence disc but it's not currently installed.I'll load that puppy in there tonight,must've uninstalled it for some reason.