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Title: Top Gun
Post by: onionres on 30 May 2004, 01:26:37
I'm thinking of making a mission based on the movie Top Gun (I'm into making OFP movie missions - see some of my exploits in the single missions area)

My biggest problem is making scripts for dog fighting. The hardest thing to do in OFP is trying to chase down an SU-27 in either an A-10 or F-14.

I'm not sure whether the missiles on these craft are air-to-air, or whether OFP is designed for air combat. You can do it with choppers, but can only attack with the guns.

I plan to use addons like the MiGs and the F-14's which will be very cool, with multiple taskings in one mission (escort, ground strike and achieving air superiority).

Like i said, i need some scripts to overcome the problems of dog fighting in OFP....Can anyone help?
Title: Re:Top Gun
Post by: Dubieman on 30 May 2004, 03:18:28
Dogfighting has been horrible but the 1.96 patch has improved dogfighting. Much better now. The ground attack planes (A10 and SU25) are always fun to dogfight with cause its all cannons.....:gunman:

Grab the 1.96 patch. And most new planes have Air to AIr missiles. A10 and SU25 don't. Like for example the MIG29  (one of the versions) is only AA equipped but needs some serious refining details wise. THe F18 has some nice features to it. I think your idea is very possible.

Title: Re:Top Gun
Post by: Hitekrednek on 30 May 2004, 17:25:53
I think it's a great idea!  You could use the USS Nimitz addon and have it where  you have to take off and land the jet on the carrier before and after each mission and all! Yes that would be cool, let me know if I can help!  I don't know much about editing but I'd sure like to learn it!  Maybe someone could even make a pilot with the helmet that says maverick and iceman and all that on it!  Come to  think of it, I think I have seen an addon like that.  I believe there is a maverick helmet on a  pilot somewhere.  Let me know and I'd be willing to do whatever I can for ya to help you!

Title: Re:Top Gun
Post by: OrangeLeader on 30 May 2004, 20:04:40
There are also flight deck crewmen in the diferent colored uniforms as well as equipment for the deck. Would be great to see the the guys that make carrier takeoffs possible doing there job(well to ofp limitation anyway).
Title: Re:Top Gun
Post by: Hauk on 31 May 2004, 00:20:18
Hey onionres,

Top Gun is my favourite movie and i've been thinking about doing a few missions on it i.e. the training against Viper and other ones but haven't got around to doing them thanks to school and another campaign i'm working on. But if i can be of any help PLEASE IM me and i'll come up with a few scenarios.

Good mission idea and is definitely worth the time and effort.

P.S. I recommend the 1.96 patch. All i did for 3 days was dogfight against the SU-25 in the A10


Title: Re:Top Gun
Post by: onionres on 31 May 2004, 12:18:49
Ok, I'll get this 1.96 patch. It sounds like this could become addon intensive which I was trying to steer clear of but if we can't help it then who cares.

Where can i get the addon for the Nimitz and some more planes?

I'm going to .ogg Kenny Loggins 'Danger Zone' and have that pumping away in the background as you engage them bogies.

I need some scripting ideas, i don't want to rely too much on the AI - understandable!
Title: Re:Top Gun
Post by: Hitekrednek on 01 Jun 2004, 04:51:50
Sounds like a great idea onionres!  I'm not sure exactly where i found that Nimitz at, sorry i cant even find it again myself ... if i knew how to upload it to you maybe somehow ... i do have a slow connection though ... well anyway ... i think that the Danger Zone song and maybe the "Top Gun Anthem"  Its all on the sound tracks CD ...
Title: Re:Top Gun
Post by: onionres on 01 Jun 2004, 09:32:49
Ok...I got some ideas.

I think we'll use Everon. It has plenty of water and the two airstrips. Or maybe Nogova because of the airstrip right at the top of the map...This is if we can't find a carrier! LOCATE A CARRIER!

I need to find some good F-14's. The F-18's at ofpec.com are good, there are some F-14's at opflash.org but they don't have AA. Anyone know of some sites where we can get F-14's and MiGs with AA?

Music is fine - Danger Zone and the Top Gun Theme

One Mission - start out heading out to escort a C-130 herc. help it run a gauntlet of enemy AA. Then go on a ground strike run with enemy AA and enemy heavy tanks. Then win air superiority through dogfighting. I expect at least twice a reamr and refuel, which we can script tanker and ammo truck support after landing at an airstrip.

Any other ideas?
Title: Re:Top Gun
Post by: Dubieman on 02 Jun 2004, 03:38:51
Well the latest MIG isn't great but it works.

Find it at


Then look in add ons and get the MIG with the better comments wait ahh damn I don't have the readme anymore.

Maybe it was chris seaddog or someone who made it.

Not sure but there are two migs, and one is better than the other. Even the best one is at a disadvantage against the F18, like the sidewinders when launched while going over 500 they are slower so they fly back....

It'll work for your idea though. :)
Title: Re:Top Gun
Post by: onionres on 02 Jun 2004, 10:05:51
The Mig 28s in Top Gun are disadvantaged anyway. Adds to the 'realism' or maybe the 'unrealism'... ???

I'm thinking we should simulate the threat of the MiG 28s and the Exocet missile they've got slung under them in the movie...is there anyway to destroy the LST? (In the end they MiGs go after that destroyer)
Title: Re:Top Gun
Post by: rhysduk on 02 Jun 2004, 12:51:46
What about RAD's F18 over in the Editors Depot.. this is a great plane.. easy to handle.. comes wiht an array of weapons including A-A missiles..

Title: Re:Top Gun
Post by: blackhawkdown132 on 03 Jun 2004, 00:11:56
Prety Cool Idea.I'm just getting the hang of mission movies. Try the F-14s at CZ, excellent handling and their wing have variable geometry. OPnews has some MiGs in thier addons, I think the 23 and 27.
Title: Re:Top Gun
Post by: rhysduk on 03 Jun 2004, 23:13:26
Can u give me a few links to these addons? I know the link for the addons, i mean exact links.. i cant find them ...

Thx Rhys

PS Expecially the Var Geo F14 :D
Title: Re:Top Gun
Post by: onionres on 04 Jun 2004, 10:46:42

is the link to get the 4 f14s from CZ. they're not too bad, except they don't fly fast enough i reckon
Title: Re:Top Gun
Post by: onionres on 04 Jun 2004, 11:32:23
i found the nimitz carrier and the F14 i'm going to use

http://landhell.fpp.pl/of/index.php?PAGE=down&FILE=hwk_uss_nimitz_beta.zip&DIR=ADD PL/HAWK

Update soon!
Title: Re:Top Gun
Post by: rhysduk on 04 Jun 2004, 15:29:55
Downlaoding F14s now. The link for the Nimitz Carrier, the post above, is broken...  Can you supply another please?

Title: Re:Top Gun
Post by: onionres on 05 Jun 2004, 06:26:27
Just got to www.warfaregames.com and either search for the USS Nimitz or look for it in the recent OFP addons on the homepage.

it comes with the same F14s you downloaded then but has reworked to add an afterburn funtion (Minimum speed of 1100) and is basically used for the Nimitz addon.

Landing on the carrier is bloody hard though, Top Gun is gonna be interesting, but it is shaping up nicely!

I've got my priorities right, 'Danger Zone' starts pumping as you engage the catapault!
Title: Re:Top Gun
Post by: Hitekrednek on 10 Jun 2004, 23:20:07
So Onionres ... how is the mission coming along ... have you gotten it started yet?  I just thought id ask ... wanted to see if your idea went dead or if you took off with it and started making it.  later.

Title: Re:Top Gun
Post by: meathead on 14 Jun 2004, 03:41:07

Title: Re:Top Gun
Post by: onionres on 22 Jun 2004, 06:12:53
No its coming along nicely...

You have the after party of Top Gun Graduation, in a small cutscene at the start, and then Maverick and Goose (Goose is alive because I'm using sounds from the movie) head out to the carrier.

First objective is to escort two C130s through a flight path that gets ambushed by Su25 fighter bombers. They then land and objective complete!

Then you head back to the carrier (optional rearmament) and receive new orders - fly air superiority for some A-10s as they investigate illegal fishing vessels. The whole scene gets gnarky and they lay waste to the surface vessels as maverick, goose, hollywood and merlin engage some more Su25's.

I'm spawning enemies as i go so the AI doesn't get trigger happy, but it's hard if i want to spawn addons (don't know there names) which is why I'm only able to createvehicle Su25's. But I'm rigging up some missiles for them so they don't try to chase you with their guns...gets too easy after awhile.
Title: Re:Top Gun
Post by: DBR_ONIX on 15 Jul 2004, 11:16:52
If you wan to get other vehicle class names, de-pbo the addon
And open up the config.cpp file
And it something like
Code: [Select]
Displayname="My Shiney New Plane";

And the class name is MyNewPlane :)
(Stuff like A10 in that code will chage, and there might be more/less lines etc)

Gd luck
Just about to watch that trailer/video thing :)
- Ben