OFP Cutscenes, Music and Custom Resources Tutorials (8)

Things that might not be noticed by the player the first few times the mission is played but which might enhance the experience for subsequent attempts. This should not be read until you have played the mission completely through at least once.

This document should be read in conjunction with the Readme file

Sound Tutorial

by Bloodmixer

Tutorial for sound editing, conversion and configuration within ArmA or OFP. It covers also radio chatting, trigger and enviromental sounds, and a brief description of sound/mouth synchronised speech.

This version includes the demo.

Tutorial on the use of camera.sqs.

Tutorial on making custom optics.

Tutorial explaining the use of the cutRsc and the titleRsc scripting commands.

Tutorial on the fonts in OFP.

Introduction to the art of camera scripting.

Music, Sound & Radio

by Navy_Seals

Tutorial describing how to use music, sound and radion in OFP.

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Beginner's Tutorial

All you need to know about how to start editing.

Multiplayer Tutorial

This tutorial explains the mysteries of multiplayer editing.

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