ArmA Mission Editing Tutorials (8)

A video tutorial showing the basics of how to use camera.sqs.

OFPArmA / Mission Editing

A brief discussion about some typical problems found in MP games related to triggers activation and menu actions.

This tutorial is geared for people who have some editing experience and would like to dive into the world of multi player scripting.

Making Shadows


Tutorial on making shadows for your model

OFPArmA / Mission Editing

A guide of tips to create good mission briefings including a reference to Tactical Military Symbols and military abbreviations. Note that this is not a tute about how to edit or create briefing.html files, but about what kind of info should be included there.

OFPArmA / Mission Editing

Photoshop step by step guide to create borders for your pics to be used in mission overviews or briefings.

This tute is in fact a script showing how to create dynamic triggers, so you create the triggers when needed, instead of placing them in the editor.

Faces Tutorial

by Balschoiw

This document should give you an overview about available faces in Armed Assault.

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The OFPEC Command Reference contains details of all scripting commands available to the editor.

Beginner's Tutorial

All you need to know about how to start editing.

Multiplayer Tutorial

This tutorial explains the mysteries of multiplayer editing.

OFPEC Tutorials

OFPEC hosts several quality tutorials written specifically for the site by staff and members...


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