ArmA Mission Editing Tools (7)


by i0n0s

A real time editor for ArmA.

OFPArmA / Mission Editing

Lists all the unit/vehicle classes used in a selected mission.sqm file.

OFPArmA / Mission Editing

Campaign editor tool for OFP, you will need to tweak a bit the resulting description.ext for ArmA.

ArmA Log Parser

by Yoma

A small tool that could be interesting for server admins/ people who have a lot of problems and check the Armed Assault rpt frequently.

"This is a utility (and info) to patch an OFP mission to have retry savegames, since ArmA wont allow that cheatsave. Naturally you also need a copy of the CWR mod to play any OFP mission under ArmA." - Mikero

FSM editor for creating FSM scripts.

ArmA Edit

by Chris Henderson

ArmA Edit is a full color script editor and file creator. It also has built in WIZARDS for quickly and easily creating briefings, overviews, custom units, custom crates, and description files. Plus much, much, more! Check it out! Makes finishing and customizing your ARMA/OFP missions a snap.

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The OFPEC Command Reference contains details of all scripting commands available to the editor.

Beginner's Tutorial

All you need to know about how to start editing.

Multiplayer Tutorial

This tutorial explains the mysteries of multiplayer editing.

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