ArmA Special Effects Scripts (21)

Dynamically detects or creates runway edgelights for any airport on any map and lights them up brightly.

A script to simulate a concussion effect from explosions.

A script which presents the text letter by letter instead of all the text at once.

To allow players to communicate via rudimentary "flashlight signals". It was made for a mission where all players are separated and must regroup without using global and side channels, or their maps.

Here are the scalar towers in the Lords of the Night Missions.

This script causes a barrel to explode and launch after the barrel has been killed.  Time between burning and exploding varies, which makes it more fun IMO (like a HL2 barrel).  There is a small chance of a barrel having a second explosion also.

3 scripts that simulate a Gas attack using particles and Damage effects.

JBOY_soundLoop is a simple function that will have an object say a sound repeatedly. This is useful for any object that you want to play a sound continously (say a radio playing a song loop, or a generator playing a generator noise, of flys buzzing around an outhouse, etc.).

Allows you to browse through all available animations, faces and music tracks.

May be used to show advanced hint boxes. Please do not mirror this file yet.

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