ArmA Miscellaneous References (10)

ArmA / Miscellaneous

Editing guide for Armed Assault.

ArmA / Miscellaneous

A list of fonts in ArmA

ArmA / Miscellaneous

A list of markers in ArmA. Also includes markers added with WarFare.

ArmA / Miscellaneous

Mapfact´s Mr Murray, the author of the Armed Assault Editing Guide for the German “ArmA Special Edition” has released an English version of his great editing guide.

ArmA / Miscellaneous

A PSD template for creating your own ArmA custom Faces.

OFPArmA / Miscellaneous

Printable black/white images of the editor dialogs, so in case you dont have a PC at hand, you may just write down in copies of these sheets your ideas to implement later.

ArmA / Miscellaneous

A listing and config of the ArmA voices.

ArmA / Miscellaneous

OFPEC Command reference without images

ArmA / Miscellaneous

Voices db/listing of all ArmA voices.

ArmA / Miscellaneous

Downloadable pdf version of the OFPEC online command reference i.e. comref

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The OFPEC Command Reference contains details of all scripting commands available to the editor.

Beginner's Tutorial

All you need to know about how to start editing.

Multiplayer Tutorial

This tutorial explains the mysteries of multiplayer editing.

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OFPEC hosts several quality tutorials written specifically for the site by staff and members...


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