ArmA Military Setpos Templates (8)

ArmA / Military

Doom Fortress

ArmA / Military

Custom bunkers and fortress.

ArmA / Military

I've put together a setpos template for Multiplayer use if anyone is interested. It is a cave of sorts which utilizes Mapfacts editor upgrade, which requires Queens Gambit. Sorry for that.

ArmA / Military

A fairly nice template for any mission editors who wanted to have an MG posistion which has the impression of being entrenched.

ArmA / Military

It is a medium size US base but that could be changed to East with ease.

ArmA / Military

Provides a modern bunker (no addons) with ladder to sandbag fortress roof, interior with rooms and ammo boxes etc.

ArmA / Military

RACS radio tower in military use.

ArmA / Military

This is a small example of a submission for the setPos Template Competition.

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