ArmA Units and Groups Scripts (40)

A script to protect your base from being raped by opposing players.

In its simplest form, what PS allows you to do is simply point your gun at anyone who's teamswitchable, and press a key (as defined by yourself), and you teamswitch into them!

Here's a brand new template that caters to the crowd looking a more realistic pace and flow. This template allows new missions to be made as simple as possible with lots of room for variety and configuration by the creator.

This is a script that can recognize when a dead unit from a certain side or with a certain unitName is found by someone from a certain side, group or with a certain name.

Anyone playing the game properly will have friend (& foe) tags off since they are very gamey, however, there needs to be some way to recognise your comrades without telepathy!

Allows players who have friendly tags turned off to manually recognise their allies (infantry, corpses and vehicle crews) when they are very close.

Creates playable units that fall unconcious when killed which can then be revived. It may be used with AI-enabled.

Creates playable units that fall unconcious when killed which can then be revived designed for use with AI-disabled CO-OP missions

Allows easy creation of randomly patrolling units, with improved AI behaviour.

A populated Sahrani or United Sahrani with four working bus lines and as many moving civilian cars as you want, created using just scripts/functions.

Simple non intrusive graph dialog.

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