ArmA Game and General Scripts (7)

BAS f is a framework: an MP mission folder containing a library of 35+ scripts, functions and template files, plus a manual (75+ pages). The framework is designed to provide the mission designer, after minimal additional configuration, with a selection of pre-tested features and functionality intended to improve the overall quality and re-playability of his/her mission.

Disarm the bomb. A ready to serve objective.
This script is to simulate a 4 wire bomb. You must choose the correct wire for cutting.

HoloMap creates a 3D holographic representation of the game world, showing friendly (blue) and non-friendly (red) vehicles, as well as missiles fired, as blips. Alternatively, using the @DBO_miniatures addon (included), show vehicles using scale models!

Grass Changer for mission makers. Add this script to control the height of the grass in your mission.

Timer script which displays a non intrusive dialog with counter.

Records positions ans weapon directions, it allows you to copy/paste recorded positions and directions.

This is a suite containing scripts...

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