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[OFPRes] Kendo's Dynamic/CTI, SP and editor release by Kendo J

Version 1
Added 28 Sep 2009
Downloads 623
Demo included Yes
Filesize 7.99MB
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After making a mission using the DMA dynamic template, I realised that adding to the already large number of dynamic missions avaliable makes the finished mission quite complex and therefore have more possibility of bugs. Especially for the average mission maker/scripter like me.

So using some DMA scripts, some of my own and others I have had lying about for ages I have made my own template for mission making that is simpler, and has more flexability. You can make classic missions as well as CTI/dynamic style ones.

In all there are 3 editor missions and 4 SP missions:

Editor missions

  • A basic US base and support options template
  • A CTI style template
  • A CTI style template using HYK modern us infantry (w/LSR weapons and RHS weapons for OPFOR)

SP missions

  • A classic style mission using the basic template
  • A CTI mission with a little more action than the editor mission
  • Same as above using HYK

The addons needed will be

Basic version:


eitorupdate102 or higher


HYK addon version + basic addons above:

HYK modern US infantry V2.05

LSR weapons 3.0

RHS weapons


View the forum thread for this resource here.

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