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[ArmA] Dismount Drill by lendrom

Version 1
Added 10 Aug 2009
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The script is quite simple. Its aim is to simulate dismount drill for the AI

It was inspired by reading dsylexi's article (Dismount Drill section - you have a nice ilustration there) and thinking which of described there points could be introduced in the game.

- Script written and tested on 1.09beta. AFAIK should work on all the previous versions of ARMA.

- Demo mission do not require any unofficial addons nor Queen's Gambit expension.

Examples of execution - type:

[_group, _vehicle] exec "LECH_dismount.sqs" or [_group, _vehicle, [_radius, _arc, _countVehicle]] exec "LECH_dismount.sqs" in on Activation field of a waypoint, trigger or in a script.


_group - a group that should dismount.
_vehicle - vehicle from which the group should dismount.
[_radius, _arc, countVehicle] - optional parameter for custom settings. If the parameter is not provided default values will be used.
_radius - radius of the circle that dismounted units will format (default value: 7).
_arc - arc that dismounted units will cover (default value: 360).
_countVehicle - determine if a part of the arc will be covered by the vehicle itself and do not need to be covered by dismounted infantry. If set to 0 the vehicle will not be counted as one of the units covering the arc, if set to 1 the vehicle will cover the same part of the arc as every other dismounted infantry solder (default value: 1).

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