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[ArmA] Capture & Hold Mission Template by Strango

Version 0.75
Added 10 Aug 2009
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Here's a brand new template that caters to the crowd looking a more realistic pace and flow. This template allows new missions to be made as simple as possible with lots of room for variety and configuration by the creator.


   * Wave Based Respawn - When players die they will respawn to an isolated area outside of the AO where they must await the respawn wave countdown. At this time all dead players will be respawned. The advantage to this is that you respawn with your teammates and are able to leave based as a group and with proper teamwork will have a greater impact upon re-entering the objective areas.

   * Selectable Number of Objectives - The number of objectives to be fought over is selectable by the server admin while at the lobby screen. This is helpful to make your mission scalable based on the number of players on the server. Only have a handful of guys? Select 1 Flag. If the server is full select 3 Flags.

   * Persistent Presence Based Capture System - Unlike other C&H mission types in order to maintain control over an objective area you must have a majority control of the that objective area. If your team leaves the objective area you will lose control of that objective. This keeps down the "Whack-A-Mole" style of play you see in other C&H's where everyone assaults and no one defends and while you are taking the objective they just took they are taking the objective you last took. You end up with less fighting and more running around. Due to the lower number of objectives (Maximum of 3) and a severe incentive to defend an objective fire fights will be more common and of greater intensity.

   * Forced Weapon Loadouts Based on Player Class - Tired of having every player choose any type of kit they wish with versatile load-outs to make them 1-Man armies? The template works best when no ammo crates are placed in the mission. Upon respawn a player will be given a custom weapon load-out selected by the mission creator based on the Type of slot they picked on the lobby screen. By default some slots are assistant based and will carry extra ammo for specialty slots like Anti-Armor soldiers and Machine-gunners.

   * Custom Vehicle Respawn System - A new vehicle respawn system has been created from scratch to allow the mission maker to customize to a greater extent how they want the respawn behavior of vehicles to work. They control the ability to declare respawn length, maximum number of respawns allowed (with infinite as an option) and an Abandonment toggle to have certain vehicles respawn if they are abandon (off by default).

   * Various realism based toggles - The template allows a variety of realism based features to be turned on or off by changing a single variable. Some of these features are allowing only Pilot slots to fly aircraft, turning off parachutes and forcing transport helicopters to land for disembarking troops, Allowing only pilot slots to move Repair/Fuel/Ammo trucks to keep less desirable players from using them as transportation into the AO and various other features.

   * Support for 3 teams - The template is capable of handling BLUFOR, OPFOR and Independent in the same mission allowing for 3-way battles.  If you design a mission with 3 teams it is still capable of being played with any two teams.

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