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[ArmA] Gone Native's Civilians by Gone Native

Version 1
Added 06 Feb 2009
Downloads 754
Demo included Yes
Filesize 589.51KB
User rating 5/5

A populated Sahrani or United Sahrani with four working bus lines and as many moving civilian cars as you want, created using just scripts/functions.

Changelog from beta to version 1.0:


  • Introduced more iterative loops, which made some .sqf's much smaller
  • Use 'isServer' instead of '(local server)', no need to place a gameLogic vehicle any longer
  • Use 'createCenter' instead of placing a dummy civilian on map in mission editor
  • Added comment lines telling which town or village is populated by a statement to the .sqf's that populate the island. This allows for easy removal of unnecessary population centers by mission makers, or easy enlargement of population centers that need extra civilians


  • Solved some issues in the area of Arcadia, Cayo, Tiberia were cars came stuck
  • Now and then a few vehicles were driving very slow. Actually this is a 'return to formation' problem that can be solved by separating driver and passengers in distinct groups
  • Zodiac playing on the water near Iguana, came stuck in the mud near a bridge. Removed some waypoints that were guiding the Zodiac into too shallow waters
  • Two empty Zodiac's at a jetty in Arcadia and on the tiny island of San Tomas are better positioned, so that they actually can be used


  • The radio menu allowed the repeated creation of extra moving vehicles in either the north or the south. Unfortunately these were from the fixed type, I changed these to creation of vehicles of a random type
  • Removed the two civilians (playable) who where no longer of use, due to above mentioned 'createCenter'


  • Added explanation of the isServer and createCenter features to documentation
  • Changed code example from "while" to "for" loop
  • And some small issues...

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