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[ArmA] ArmAScript by i0n0s

Version 1.04
Added 10 Feb 2009
Downloads 1593
Demo included No
Filesize 636.03KB
User rating 4.6/5

Notepad++ is a useful tool for programming in text files, but sadly it didn't have support for SQF. This addon for notepad++ solves this by adding a lexer for SQF and adds support for folding.

*Fixed call tips
*Added auto indentation

*Strings can float lines
*Styling of global and local variables possible

*Removed version warning
*Corrected "introduce private statement"
*Autoindent will get saved over sessions
*Added "hint "variable""
*Added ability to disable call tips

*Removed marker for changed lines since added to N++ 5.3 RC

Notepad++ can be found here.


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