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[ArmA] Detect Dead Bodies by Laggy

Version 1.1
Added 10 Aug 2009
Downloads 441
Demo included Yes
Filesize 6.97KB
User rating Not yet rated

This is a script that can recognize when a dead unit from a certain side or with a certain unitName is found by someone from a certain side, group or with a certain name.

Based on eventhandler "killed"
Should be MP compatible - tested on dedi.
JIP behaviour still unknown.

Unless someone spots bugs or can suggest improvements, I concider this to be ready for submission.

IMPORTANT CHANGES in this version:

-Works also on vehicles like cars etc.
-Included an array called "LAGGY_FoundBodiesList" that contains all units (having the EH) that have been killed AND found under the set script conditions.
-Included the possibility of "Crucial Bodies", which means that you can check if specified units have been killed and found (based on unitName).
-Included the possibility of "Crucial Finders", which means that you can check if specified units have found any of the bodies (based on side,group and unitName).
-Included the possibility of "Crucial Bodies found by Crucial Finders", which means that you can check if the two are combined... defined Body found by defind Finder.
-Structured the init.sqf a little better.
-Updated example mission to be more informative and pedagogical.

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