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[ArmA] Mod Launcher by EMSI

Version 1.2
Added 04 Sep 2008
Downloads 621
Demo included No
Filesize 245.24KB
User rating 4.5/5
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Launcher utility for Modifications

Main features:
- Each MOD has own configuration file
- Full control over MODs (Add, Edit, Copy, Remove, Start)
- Supported Drag & Drop function for adding new MODs
- Supported startup parameters for each MOD
- Supported doubleclick to quick launch directly from the list of MODs
- Application doesn't need any version of Microsoft .NET Framework !

How to install:
Extract all files and subdirectory called "MODs" with its files into any directory.
For example "C:\Program Files\ArmA MOD Launcher".

How to launch:
Double click on "ArmA MOD Launcher.exe".
For detailed info double click on "ArmA MOD Launcher Help.chm" or use direct shortcut from application menu (Help -> Help Contents).

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