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[Arma2] mk_taskHint by mikey

Version 1.0
Added 10 Aug 2009
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The taskHint command by BIS is too difficult to use for novice scripters since it requires the scripter to provide the formatting, rgba and the icon name to use.

How to load the function
In your init.sqf, put this:

// Create a taskHint
//    Usage: [tskExample] call mk_fTaskHint;  
//        Gets the taskState of the passed task, and shows the status on screen
mk_fTaskHint = compile (preprocessFileLineNumbers "fTaskHint.sqf");

** NB: Change the filepath to where you keep the file. This is just a copy and paste from my own template **

How to use the function
This function will only work with tasks you've created (see my briefing tutorial on how to do that), and it will output the task's current state:

[tskExample] call mk_fTaskHint;  

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