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[ArmA] Editing Guide (English) by MrMurray

Version 1.02
Added 23 May 2008
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Demo included Yes
Filesize 2.86MB
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Mapfact´s Mr Murray, the author of the Armed Assault Editing Guide for the German “ArmA Special Edition” has released an English version of his great editing guide.

This guide contains nearly 170 pages divided in 9 chapters. Additional to that he has finished his next German editing guide named "Deluxe Edition" which contains exactly 335 pages divided into 11 chapters. This big one already includes the complete patch 1.14 content and Queens Gambit. An English version of it is still in progress!

Here and now he wants to say thanks to his translator MemphisBelle and his great reviewing team Metal0130 and Matt Rochelle who have corrected the text. “They all did a very great job for me and for the English speaking ArmA-Community. Honour them all! Very special thanks to MemphisBelle who have spend so much time for this guide!”

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