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[OFPArmA] Eliteness 2.23 by Mikero

Version 2.32
Added 08 Jan 2008
Downloads 18930
Demo included No
Filesize 194.88KB
User rating 5/5

Originally designed to unpack PBO files from OFP Elite for the XBox, this tool also works with OFP, OFPRes, and ArmA.

General Functionality. * Makes and Unmakes pbo files for all engine types. * raPifies (binarises) and Derapifies mission.sqm / description.ext / config.bin (cpp) for all engine types. * Lint checking. (Error checking of syntax) within pbo's and direct source text files. * Scans (lists) pbo content and makeup. * Decodes and views any raP encoded file. rvmat, bisurf, etc etc. * lists paa content. OFP Elite Functions: * Change a User Profile in a OFP:Elite mission Save * Change SP mission to MP mission * Change the name of the mission * Port PC mission to OFP:Elite Xbox mission from a PC mission * Sign OFP:Elite files * Accounts for Pbo checksum Arma Functions * Accommodates special directory header info inside pbo. * Accounts for pbo signed key.

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