ArmA Modelling Tutorials (7)

ArmA / Modelling

Importing 3ds models

by Panda[PL]

This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to import a 3ds model.

ArmA / Modelling

Adding glass damage to a vehicle. The tutorial is very easy to follow and explains everything step by step.

ArmA / Modelling

Little video tutorial that shows you exactly how to sign your pbos

ArmA / Modelling

BISoldier Configuration - getting your man out of the ground!

ArmA / Modelling

This tutorial is written as to be understood by people who may have never touched an OFP/ArmA editing tool. That said, learning is also progressive. The tutorial is designed to be read from start to finish.

ArmA / Modelling

Tutorial on Virtual Reflective Glass.

ArmA / Modelling

Tutorial on how to make normal mapping in ArmA

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