ArmA Miscellaneous Tools (4)

OFPArmA / Miscellaneous

Originally designed to unpack PBO files from OFP Elite for the XBox, this tool also works with OFP, OFPRes, ArmA and Arma2.

ArmA / Miscellaneous


by Bohemia Interactive

Utilities to create digital signatures

ArmA / Miscellaneous


by Bohemia Interactive

DSCreateKey is a tool to create digital signing keys for signing ArmA content.

ArmA / Miscellaneous

ArmA Tools

by Kegetys

- cpbo v2.03 - PBO extractor/repacker
- unRap v1.06 - For decoding raP encoded files (such as config.bin)
- PAAplug v1.1 - PAA format plugin for Adobe Photoshop
- UE SQF Highlight - SQF/SQS Syntax highlighting for UltraEdit

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