[OFPRes] OFPEC Blood by snYpir

Version 1.4
Added 2 May 2009
Downloads 1427
Demo included Yes
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Script that spawns blood particles when a unit is hit.



How it works:

Whenever a unit is damaged, the 'hit' eventhandler causes the blood scripts (within OFPEC_Blood.sqs) to be run.

Large particles will be created, representing blood flying from the hit unit. Each particle has a blood_particle_spawn_chance chance of spawning a blood texture on the ground where it lands.

The spawned texture will remain for blood_object_life seconds. If blood_object_life equals -1, the spawned texture will remain forever (on until it is deleted because there are more than blood_object_maximum blood objects on the map).

If more than blood_object_maximum blood objects are spawned, the oldest particles will be deleted to make room for the new ones.

On a 600 mhz machine, 200 is probaly the maximum number of blood objects you'd want to create. On a 1.7 ghz machine 400 is probaly the maximum number you'd want to create.

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