[OFPRes] JAM 3 by JAM team

Version 3.0 (FIXED 6)
Added 2 May 2009
Downloads 5111
Demo included No
Filesize 16.98MB
User rating 5/5

Joint Ammo and Magazines project (JAM) is a magazine standard that allows OFP addon makers and players to standardize magazines between addons.

Joint Ammo and Magazines project (JAM) is a magazine standard, originally developed by BAS and Digital Grenade, for use with all our units. Other addonmakers/mods  are invited to use JAM to improve compatibility between similar versions of weapons made by different people. It is impossible to code for
every single weapon/magazine combination, we have included the most
common and therefore the most likely to be shared between different units.
Some specialised magazines do not need the commonality that JAM provides
so can be coded separately in each addon.

View the forum thread for this resource here.

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