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setUnitPosWeak - OFPEC Scripting Command Reference | OFPEC The Editing Center

unit setUnitPosWeak mode

Operand types

unit: Object
mode: String

Type of returned value


Set unit position rules.

Mode may be one of:
"DOWN" - Unit goes prone and stays prone.
"UP" - Unit stands and stays standing.
"MIDDLE" - Unit goes into crouch Position.
"AUTO"- Unit chooses mode according to circumstances.

This command is the lowest level of priority for setting unit position and to be used in scripted FSM's.
This command will have no affect in regular scripts.

The current priorities are:
1. Unit pos command from the in-game command menu, highest priority.
2. Unit pos scripted with setUnitPos scripting command, medium priority.
3. Unit pos using setUnitPosWeak, used in a formation FSM, lowest priority.

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