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diag_captureSlowFrame - OFPEC Scripting Command Reference | OFPEC The Editing Center

diag_captureSlowFrame [section, threshold]

Operand types

[section, threshold]: Array

Type of returned value


Opens "capture frame" dialog if current frame exceeds set threshold in seconds.
One can indicate to either capture duration of a specific profiling selection or the total duration of the frame.

The selection names can be obtained by expanding the profiling tree. Clicking on a tree item will highlight the item on the graph and vice versa.
The GUI also provides method of copying of the displayed data to clipboard.

Some of the selections:

- bgD3D
Main Thread
- total
- memAl
- visul
- Mjob

Note: Only available in specific builds. See Performance Profiling for details.

section: String - (case sensitive)
threshold: Number - Duration of the section in seconds

Used In



diag_captureSlowFrame ['total',0.003];