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setApertureNew - OFPEC Scripting Command Reference | OFPEC The Editing Center

setApertureNew [min, std, max, stdLum]

Operand types

[min, std, max, stdLum]: Array

Type of returned value


Sets custom camera aperture (-1 to do it automatically).
These values are a bit vague and are not explained anywhere by BIS (what a shocker), however they refer to the current world's lightning configuration (class lightning), as in:

  • min = apertureMin

  • std = apertureStandard

  • max = apertureMax

  • stdLum = standardAvgLum

So min,std and max are the aperture values that define how much light is let through the camera lense, I'm assuming that if the values are all different then some random value is calculated based on them that is closer to the std value than min or max (like the countdown time in triggers). No idea what stdLum does as it doesn't seem to cause any effect.
The smaller the value the more light gets in and the values are quite large, for example min, std and large set to 100 equal pretty close to the normal look in the game. We can't know what the actual values are because there is now getApertureNew command available..

THE SET APERTURE PERSISTS FOR THE WHOLE GAME SESSION, set back to normal with -1 values.

Used In



setApertureNew [10,10,10,10];
hint "It's getting too bright dude!";