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magazinesDetail - OFPEC Scripting Command Reference | OFPEC The Editing Center

magazinesDetail vehicleName

Operand types

vehicleName: Object

Type of returned value


Returns an array of strings with description of all vehicle's magazines, their ammo count (current/default) and their ids.

When applied to a unit (soldier), the command behaves differently and will omit magazines already loaded into unit's weapons. Use currentMagazineDetail to get this information for a currently loaded magazine.

Used In



magazinesDetail tank1;
// using 'M2A1 Slammer NATO' returns
["120mm APFSDS-T(32/32)[id/cr:21/0]",
"120mm HE-T(16/16)[id/cr:22/0]",
"6.5mm 2000Rnd LMG Belt(2000/2000)[id/cr:23/0]",
"6.5mm 2000Rnd LMG Belt(2000/2000)[id/cr:24/0]"]