OFPEC Sound Library


Title Submitted by Description Filesize Preview
threat3 laggy Man shouting "We've got the building surrounded!" 156.04KB Play
threat2 laggy Man saying "Is that all you got?" 92.67KB Play
threat1 laggy Man shouting "Get down to the ground" 85.85KB Play
siryessir laggy group of men shouting "Sir, yes sir" 119.46KB Play
scream_fire laggy Man screaming "Fire" 91.29KB Play
crowd laggy crowd of men shouting and encouraging a fight followed by body impacts at end 1.44MB Play
crowd laggy corwd of men shouting as though encouraging a fight. Body impacts at end 1.44MB Play
baseambiance3 laggy group of men chanting left,left,left,right,left 1.2MB Play
baseambiance2 laggy Drill officer leading group of men in rifle drill 1.37MB Play
baseambiance laggy Group of men marching with instructor leading chant 2.88MB Play
pubambiance2 laggy Background noise in a rather hushed pub 5.57MB Play
cafe2 laggy Background noise of outdoor cafe, music in background 1.42MB Play
cafe laggy Background noise and conversations in a cafeteria 2.71MB Play
tiredstretch3 laggy man stretching, yawning and moaning 611.16KB Play
tiredstretch2 laggy man stretching and moaning 172.66KB Play
tiredstretch1 laggy man stretching, yawning 363.16KB Play
spanishspeaker laggy Spanish speaker speaking to crowd through microphone with crown in background 1.56MB Play
scream2 laggy middle aged man screaming in pain 123.89KB Play
scream1 laggy middle aged man screaming in pain 195.14KB Play
whistle3 savedbygrace short single exhale into a cylidrical airfast whistle 21.43KB Play
whistle2 savedbygrace 2 short quick exhales into a cylindrical airfast whistle(similar to the early english Metropolitan whistle) 33.44KB Play
whistle1 savedbygrace long exhale into a acme thunderer whistle (the modern day pea whistle) 26.7KB Play
pubambiance savedbygrace Background noise for Tavern(pub)(bar) 611.43KB Play
inhale1 savedbygrace Person inhaling(or exhaling) a breath of air 28.54KB Play
Grunt2 savedbygrace Middle aged man half screaming, moaning, harsh quick breathing as if trying to endure pain while being worked on by medic 165.68KB Play
grunt1 savedbygrace Middle aged man grunting, moaning and breathing hard as if trying to endure pain while being worked on by medics 307.11KB Play
group1 savedbygrace Small group of people laughing in a medium sized room(close perspective) 70.17KB Play
Exhale1 savedbygrace Individual exhaling breath from their mouth. 57.31KB Play
corpsman savedbygrace Soldier shouting..."Corpsman!" 56.11KB Play
cough5 savedbygrace Middle aged man cough (halfway clearing throat) 53.25KB Play
cough4 savedbygrace Middle aged man dry coughing 105.5KB Play
cough3 savedbygrace Middle aged man choke coughing 92.85KB Play
cough2 savedbygrace Middle aged man coughing 81.83KB Play
cough savedbygrace Middle aged man coughing 85.09KB Play
elevate the leg savedbygrace Medic speaking to assisting soldier or wounded..."Your gonna have to elevate that leg" 32.85KB Play
first purple heart savedbygrace Medic speaking to wounded..."Well, you get your first purple heart soldier" 44.28KB Play
get that bullet out savedbygrace Medci speaking to wounded..."i'm gonna have to get that bullet outta there man" 41.42KB Play
hold em down for me savedbygrace Medci speaking to assisting soldier..."Damn it! Can you hold him down for me?" 49.17KB Play
hold em still savedbygrace Medic speaking to assisting soldier..."Come on, hold him still already!" 50.8KB Play
hold this bag savedbygrace Medic speaking to assisting soldier..."Here, hold this bag" 43.05KB Play
hold this bandage savedbygrace Medic speaking with assisting soldier 35.7KB Play
hold your head up savedbygrace Medic speaking to wounded..."Come on, hold your head up" 34.48KB Play
hold_pressure savedbygrace Medic speaking to assisting soldier..."Hold pressure here" 32.85KB Play
its in your back savedbygrace Medic speaking to wounded..."It's in your back, turn over so I can get to it" 46.72KB Play
less you move savedbygrace Medic speaking to wounded..."Come on man, the less you move the less you bleed" 47.54KB Play
medic! savedbygrace Soldier shouting...."Medic!" (slight echo) 39.79KB Play
one way ticket home savedbygrace Medic speaking to wounded..."It's a one way ticket home buddie" 48.36KB Play
out of the puddle savedbygrace Medic speaking to assisting soldier..."Let's move him out of this puddle" 34.89KB Play
squirming around savedbygrace Medic speaking to wounded..."Don't be squirming around like a damn woman!" 50.81KB Play
take a deep breath savedbygrace Medic speaking to wounded..."whoa whoa stop soldier! Take a deep breath" 49.99KB Play
your gonna make it savedbygrace Medic speaking to wounded..."I don't want to hear that Private. Your gonna make it, you'll be just fine" 64.68KB Play
calm down savedbygrace Medic speaking to wounded..."Calm down, it's gonna be alright" 34.89KB Play
almost got it savedbygrace Medic speaking to wounded...."Almost got it" 30.4KB Play
afraid of needles savedbygrace Medic speaking to wounded..."What are you afraid of needles? Come on it's just morphine." 56.93KB Play
terminal ambiance savedbygrace Ongoing ambiance of a terminal lobby 179.39KB Play
applause2 savedbygrace Casual Crowd Applause 52.86KB Play
applause1 savedbygrace Explosive Crowd Applause 115.92KB Play
Bastard hoz Me saying bastard! 77.6KB Play

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