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Request added on 04 Oct 2008
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Skills required Scripting

Need advanced scripters.. "Quarantine Unleashed"

Thought it a suitable topic for a mission derived from zombies.
My brother and I have spent months working bugs out of the original mission and trying to make it playable for long term.
we have come to that point now, but keep running into road blocks that are just over our heads.
We learn fast and are ok at working out certain bugs, scripting issues etc.
but we are not at all advanced scripters and we realize we need help from people who
really know this stuff.

So far the mission has been expanded and cleaned up greatly to allow for prolonged server and single player play..
the mission has also been extended to 20 players.
Really we have put tons of work into it and still we are falling short.
There are just issues we don't understand and we could really use some help.

We are 31 year old men who just want to put out a quality mission for undead lovers like ourselves .
no childish bickering over any kinds of "rights" to ownership of anything..
as you all know Mr murphy made this mission originally.. we just expanded it..
and yes we have his full permission.
We even help him work out bugs on his existing mission.

fact is we don't want to keep doing this forever..lol..
We would like to play sometime before arma 2 comes out XD..
so if anyone is interested in joining up.. please do feel free to let us know..
we would sure appreciate the help.
We are totally willing and open to all suggestions and
new ideas on how to do things and ways to expand, are very welcome.
No ego problems here.. just 2 guys who want to make a reliable, fun zombie mission.

please do check out the released version at armaholic to get an idea on how much we have expanded and how many bugs
we have fixed from the original already.
Months of work so far have gone into it.

Thanks all.. ..

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