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group eject - Minor/Major issue
« on: 27 May 2003, 01:29:19 »

I am trying to use Toadlife's HALO Script in my mission but I am running into a problem with ejecting from a vehicle. I have three triggers setup and when I hit the second trigger 2 things will happen.

1st Trigger

- Designed to animate goggles (BAS)
- Side chat happening here between pilot and group

2nd Trigger (group bail)

- Side chat happening here between pilot and group

1. If I use a paradrop script my guys will eject from helo but will immediately open their chutes ignoring the HALO script.

2. My helo will also start to flare to the right or left attempting to slow down ignoring its waypoint

Notes: All I want is to kick my guys from the helo allowing the HALO script to start and prevent my helo from screwing up.... Possible?


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