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Author Topic: WW2EC About To Do It Again...  (Read 1656 times)
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« Reply #30 on: 15 Mar 2003, 02:09:48 »

Rgr... that I understand..
of course here in America it's not illegal at all. For realizm I am wanting to capture the Spirit of the Allied Forces against the Evils of the World Past and Present. Thanks for the reply and in the future, please keep me in mind for any and all WWII updates
« Reply #31 on: 15 Mar 2003, 03:27:26 »

Well personally i dont consider nazism evil, i consider it an exponent of human nature that we prefer to call evil in order to distance ourselves from any sense of responsibility to the terrible deeds conducted by that regime? After all if its evil then we werent fighting people, more a demon possessing them? Its rubbish we were fighting ourselves and even without nazism we have found excuses to fight our race and annihilate ourselves, just as we are about to again in the face of justification in the middle east....


my pack will include symbols of the swastika, and other realistic regimental features and symbols typical of the period, (german or not) history should not be denied nor censored.
« Reply #32 on: 15 Mar 2003, 05:09:15 »

Amen to that Brother.
I have opened and placed a new Flag into the Flag.pbo which includes the Swastika. It looks very nice and is fun to destroy as an Objective. To view, you would need the new pbo. It doesn't interfear with game play or Multiplayer intry....lol. if anyone wants it. let me know.. I share willingly for willingly I was shared with...lol Thanks to BigJohhnie for the graphics and to all of you who play and contribute to the OFP world
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