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Author Topic: (Review Completed) [SP] Facile Ground  (Read 7930 times)
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« Reply #90 on: 22 Mar 2003, 07:59:50 »

lol   ;D

You're welcome!   Smiley

Cool!  I look forward to seeing the outro lose!  (So, did I lose cause the Lt died or are you gonna do an outro-win too?)

Yeah, I camped in the town when all the other guys around me died.   Wink


Asmo   Cool
« Reply #91 on: 22 Mar 2003, 12:23:27 »

That must have been d**n good work to hold Larche without that Abrams! Shocked

Yes, well, all my squad were killed, and most of the other two squads aswell...which meant airsupport was called in... Roll Eyes

In the end i got a [size=1.5]X[/size] and about 4000 points... :-\ Roll Eyes

Oh yeah, one more comment. About deleting the Airbase... I always have done since the first version. The good ole "deletevehicle _x" foreach thislist trick, in a trigger which is activated twice (to get rid of the crew in vehicles) Wink
Not too sure how much that really improves performance though... ahh well...


Well, it doesn't show notable improvement, really...  :-\

Same for other missions i've used it on. Sad

Nice Job

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Sol Fire
« Reply #92 on: 22 Mar 2003, 20:04:00 »

i never had any lag throughout the mission
Knut Erik
« Reply #93 on: 23 Mar 2003, 11:11:32 »

I think I found a bug here. In the briefing there are two links that don't work. You know those two stars in the bottom of the notes, I think it is a missing link there, because i de-pboed the mission and looked in the briefing file and there was a lot that was missing in the game......

Former Staff
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« Reply #94 on: 24 Mar 2003, 00:45:26 »

Err... you do realise that you can click on the stars to get to other sections in the briefing? Wink
Knut Erik
« Reply #95 on: 24 Mar 2003, 08:59:47 »

Oooooops......... :-\ :-\ :-\

Stupid me..  :tomato: :beat: :tomato:
Then I have found NO errors on this mission. I think it is one of the better missions I have played!

Good work Sui!

Sorry Sui, but i've found an error. You know when you have to catch a ride. Right?
It is the first thing you do in the mission. If you shoot the officer you get an error message...  Tongue
I don't mean to pick out everything that is bad (I think this is the only thing because the mission is GREAT!), but I felt that I had to report...
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Peace, cheese and ArmA

« Reply #96 on: 24 Mar 2003, 09:55:35 »

Version tested: 0.95

My rig:  AMD XP 1900+/ GF2 32 MB/512 MB RAM.
OFP Benchmark: ~4600-ish
View distance: 1100

How the mission runs: somewhat stuttery at times, but still playable (10-25 fps, avg 17 according to FRAPS http://www.fraps.com/ . I'm suspecting my ageing GF2 here, however, a XP3000+ wouldn't hurt either...

My result: played it once and got a score of 7260, IIRC.

Wow!   I love it!!! It really gives you a feeling of an actual base. Granted, IRL, they wouldn't be allowed to set
up camp that close to the runway. It wouldn't be long before a jet would be FOD:ed, I think...

Some notes on the subtitles:

* during the Apache scout cutscene there's a "we're under attack, Zeus, Zues". Zues?
* later there's a lot of Capitalized Words In The Middle Of Sentences. Words that I noted
and jotted down are: "HeadQuarters", "Helicopter". Also, when I get a lift from the corporal
in the beginning of the mission, he says something like "So you are going on the Assault?".  :-X

* There's a scene where the company commander is discussing the plans with his Lt:s. In that
dialogue, someone is using the word "occupation" to describe what they are doing on Malden.
It seems strange that an officer would use that word, since it has sort of a negative ring to it.
Now, if I was in service and heard "the occupation of Malden" from my CO, I'd begin to think...
Learning from current world prop...er...rhetoric, perhaps it would be better to have the actor talk about
the "operations on Malden".

Yep, it's difficult, mostly because of the extremely non-intelligent behaviour of the AI:s under my command.
"3, go to bush 12 o'clock". "Ok, you mean lie down here in the open and keep an eye on, say, that house there.
That way I can get a 30 mm HE from the BMP:s up my chimney as soon as possible"
Not that there's anything a mission maker can do about that, though...  ;D

I was only able to survive the counter-attack after many a reloads in order to get my squaddies to do
what I meant.  The many reloads, however, produced the "mysterious invisible AT weapons" bug that
so many have reported here.

What happens is that, from the start of the mission I had carried a LAW launcher and after having used
all the ammo  on a couple of menacing BMPs, I dropped it to the ground to load up grenades for my M203. Later, the need for more AT arose and I went to look for the LAW. Hmm... not visible, however "pick-upable".

After that, whenever I try to use the LAW (same goes for the odd AT4 lying around in Larche), the tube itself
is invisible and the sights dont work. Any other of my AI:s carrying the AT4 (now empty) have the same problem -
their Carl Gustavs are invisible. Very strange. Extremely frustrating.

Also, what is wrong with Lt Morris? During the whole attack he stays at the table from which he made
the radio call earlier. What is he waiting for? Room service?  Roll Eyes  At least set him to "COMBAT" behaviour, lest
he gets shot too early. Actually, I'd have him enter one of the nearby houses for cover.

Having him standing by the table in the open actually made me not really care for him, as it seemed too unrealistic.

Excellent mission! Strange sentences and silly Lt:s aside, I like it.
The Avon Lady
« Reply #97 on: 24 Mar 2003, 16:13:50 »

Ignore my previous bug report here. Turned out to be V0.93.

So far, very nice mission. Loved the minefield bit. Great cutscenes. Voice acting? Sure! Would be great. Don't bother with external music. OFP's is just fine the way you use the scores! No lag on my 2GHZ 512MB Dell Lattitude C840 with a 64MB GF4 Go video chipset. Cool
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The Avon Lady
« Reply #98 on: 24 Mar 2003, 16:23:34 »

Ignore my previous bug report here. Turned out to be V0.93.
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The Avon Lady
« Reply #99 on: 24 Mar 2003, 16:48:42 »

Ignore my previous bug report here. Turned out to be V0.93.

A suggestion. Because of OFP's building warping, I had an AI stuck between the hospital tent in town and the building right next to it. If you'll reposition the tent a little further away from the building, that should prevent this from happening. I had to nudge him out of there, with great difficulty.
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« Reply #100 on: 25 Mar 2003, 00:45:10 »

Yeah... the error message seems to be a problem plaguing me at the moment...
I have eventhandlers added to certain mission critical NPC's so that if they die, it checks if the player was the one who killed them and executes a courtmartial ending if so.

Unfortunately, the way to check it (? _killer == player) often doesn't work by itself. I'm using other means of checking it, but they often bring up an error if the player isn't the killer...
Needless to say, I'm working on it Wink

Avon Lady:
Thanks for playing Ma'am Cheesy

That's some very valuable input which I will put to good use... The capital letters in sentences never even occured to me... shows how bad my grammar really is at times ;D ;D

Zues is airforce slang for a Shilka... however maybe I should make the alert call a bit more understandable...

About the weapons disappearing bug... that's really concerning me as I don't know how to fix it. I'm not even sure what's causing it...
Am I overloading an object buffer or something?
I thought I would just need to re-initialize the weaponholders I placed on the ground just before the retry, but from what you say it even happens to player dropped weapons Sad

Ahh well... I've still got a few things up my sleeve to try yet...

The Loose outro is coming along nicely... shouldn't be too long before the next version hopefully...
It just depends on how much real life intrudes this week Smiley
The Avon Lady
« Reply #101 on: 25 Mar 2003, 15:17:00 »

I find the Russian counterattack to be understatedly overwhelming.

I know you've received reports about error messages but not sure which ones. I got:

'side (_killer) !=|#| west': Error side: Type String, Expected Object, Group

This showed just before or after radio message:

Guardian 1: "Heard you boys needed a hand....."
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« Reply #102 on: 29 Mar 2003, 11:08:25 »

Hmmm... having just re-read posts since the last beta, it seems I have gotten a bit confused...
In my sleep deprived, vanilla coke induced state I seemed to have confused The Avon Lady with killswitch.

Sorry about that people... :hmm: thanks for your input killswitch and Avon, I've addressed most of those issues Wink

I've finished the Lose Outro, and fixed everything I can think of... (I even took a decent swing at the dissapearing objects issue).
Pending a bit of quick testing by me, the next version should be out very soon (tomorrow I hope Wink)
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« Reply #103 on: 30 Mar 2003, 03:53:18 »

Right, last version is up Smiley
(Find it in the first post in this thread).

If anyone is still interested... major changes are:
  • Lose Outro added
  • Backblast script for AT weapons implemented
  • Lt. Hogan's behaviour at Larche tweaked (he now goes and hides in a building ;D)
If you want to see the lose Outro without having to wade through the whole mission all over again, just commit a friendly fire incident on one of your officers... Roll Eyes

This is the last beta version I'll be posting, but I'm still keen to hear any (more) feedback anybody might have...
This mission is very polished thanks to the great efforts of you people, but I'm betting there are still some bugs out there somewhere ;D
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Team 2-2

« Reply #104 on: 30 Mar 2003, 10:17:09 »

I checked this out again. ;D This time I survived to the counter-attack which never came...:-\ Waited around for about 5 mins, decided to do some reconeissance by myself but LT told me that deserters would face courtmartial, I came back and shot him just to see the outro. ;D Liked it but it just "stands still" when the camera shows the fuel truck and the zooms to the AT ruskie. Is he supposed to fire upon the fuel truck? Well he just shoots a few bursts on some US troops and then he just lays there. The outro stands still so to speak. ;D
I liked the intro. Smiley Very nice and very professional. ;D And weren't there an Australian flag on that jeep? Tongue ;D
The officer the player talks to at the start of the mission, does he have a weapon in the intro? Was just wondering because he has one when the mission starts but I don't recall him having one in the intro. :-\ Just a small beaty spot there. ;D Tongue
LT Hogan is looking in the wrong way when he talks to me. ;D I walked straight at him and he turned around 360 degrees and then turned again for 90 degrees. ;D Roll Eyes Some officer he is. Tongue
When we encouter the mine field, the engineers leave on mine on the road. it doesn't detonate, and it's like burried to the ground. I don't mind this though. ;D
After we clear Larche, and wait for the counter attack which never came, the LT talks through the radio, and the other peeps at Larche start firing at something. Just before the cutscene I was told to go in defensive position because Larche was under attack. Weird. :-\ And also the medic is pointing his gun on the LT. Tongue ;D

That's as far as I got because of the counter attack. Might be just me being too impatient though. ;D Other than that I REALLY like this mission. One of the best I've played. Really professional work Sui! Smiley

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