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General Goober

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« on: 15 Feb 2003, 00:07:13 »
I have recently obtained Gunslingers Alarm Zone script which sets up an alarm to let the player know that an enemy is present in a particular zone.

Here is the script:

;Basic message script
;Copyright 2001 James "Gunslinger" Wohlever
;Get the message to print

_msg=_this select 0

;Print it!

TitleText [_msg,"plain down"]



My question is.  How do you set it up so that the other player does not know that his presence has been detected?


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« Reply #1 on: 15 Feb 2003, 05:24:32 »
titletext shows up to all players, also hint boxes,
but you can try with the sidechat, you place a "dummy unit" that is on the same side of the player(s) you want to know the presence of the enemy units in a certain zone, when the trigger activates, it makes say the detection message to the "dummy unit", this is visible only for the side witch the "dummy unit" is on.

this was only the teoretical part, sorry that i cant help you more.
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General Goober

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« Reply #2 on: 17 Feb 2003, 12:31:40 »
Thanks.  I will take another look at it.