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Happy Hours!
« on: 22 Jan 2003, 00:30:59 »
Ahem...  :hmm:

 :-[ (*with head of red cabbage - that is: blushing cheeks*)  :-[

It just struck me - It's ma forobs... uhm, forums-birthday today !

Yanno, I've been a guest on this site since around july 2001 and joined the forums a year ago.
Don't really know why it happened that late.... prolly coz my son weren't playing missions before,
so I didn't make many missions till then. Just grabbed addons & read the editing stuff avaliable at
that time.

 :D But a one-year membership & only about 73 warnings (at various levels) for a d00d like me, thats well done ma think;
 :thumbsup: Well done by the staff (especially the 'older' staff members obviously), that they have tolerated my sometimes
annoying presence ( :beat: ). I thank you for that tolerance, lads,  and try to be likewise tolerant.  :-*

 :afro: So (excuse me!) happy ofpecf-birthday, Tombs, and God bless this madhouse!  8) ;D

CHEERS ALL  :cheers:

And thx for being around. Never thought a 'simple' game wold bring so many happy hours, good friends & laughs!!!

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Re:Happy Hours!
« Reply #1 on: 22 Jan 2003, 01:21:19 »
*steps in, walking stick in hand, pipe in mouth*

i remember when tomb was only wheee high - annoying little git he was  ;D - and its not just staff (or ex staff) that have had to tolerate you tomby - lol, the tomb monster is a hard nut to crack - but the forums wouldnt be the same without you...

and, to be honest, does your son get to the computer now? lol, i can see it now;

'Far, nu maa det vaere min tur!'  ;)

lol - aaah, its cool that you started off making missions for your son to play on - and its even better we have become such good friends over the year - and hey, whats life without tomb.

but, yeah, ofpec has brought many happy times - the best being meeting the staff gang in london and then get 'slightly' drunk in glasgow with wolfsbane (slightly = i threw up about 10 times in various locations)

and hey, im a bit of a grandaddy here - lol, been here waaaaay to long, and i guess i will stay here for a long time to come - not leaving here till i make a good mission - so should be here a while  ;D

till lykke OFPEC! Vi Elsker dig!


(i'll let tomb translate)

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Re:Happy Hours!
« Reply #2 on: 22 Jan 2003, 08:27:55 »
 Ahh yes... it just wouldn't be the sewers of editing without the Tomb monster  :beat:

 I'm I found out about OFPEC, and owe pretty much everything I know about editing, to these here forums...

  I too look forward to seeing what the years have to come ... for OFPEC...    I'm just waiting to see that member list hit the 10,000 mark again ... that was summin to see..

 Tillykke med fødselsdagen! Tomby   :-*


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Re:Happy Hours!
« Reply #3 on: 22 Jan 2003, 09:44:39 »
Ok....  Now I'm gettin all teary eyed and stuff..   :'(   :-*

Happy OFPECB-day!    :moon:  :beat:

What can I say but that it just wouldn't be the same without ya Tomb?   ;)   ;D   :P   :-*

Some people stick out in a crowd, others make them.   I think we all know which one Tomb here is.   :P

And thx for being around. Never thought a 'simple' game wold bring so many happy hours, good friends & laughs!!!

Couldn't have said it better myself M8!  :thumbsup:


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Re:Happy Hours!
« Reply #4 on: 22 Jan 2003, 10:53:39 »
carry on.
Not all is lost.

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Re:Happy Hours!
« Reply #5 on: 22 Jan 2003, 12:21:01 »

'Far, nu maa det vaere min tur!'  ;)


 :-[ ;D why, aren't you correct there mezzy!  ::) ;D ;D ;D

(rough trans) :

ole Tombs playing OFP, telling his kid that he's working on a mission for him. Kid yells:

*hey dad, isn't it my turn now?*

Daddy says:

*Hold on a few more mins, son, I just need to put up a few more things & everything is ready!* ( ::) )  ;D

lol, mezzy, LO-frikkin-L  ;D got me there!  ::)


But it wasn't really me I wanted to celebrate (though I like the thought)  ;D ::)

 :D I just suddenly discovered that it has been a year for me now as a forum member, and wadda year!  :o ;D
loads of great times, loads of great ppl (before ofpec I always had bad things to say about forums).
lol, some of the d00ds around here almost (almost!) managed to make a decent scripter outta me  ;D which in my case means that I have learned to think logically  ::)  :) now I can understand lines like


See, its just the three dimentions in OFP  :)  :thumbsup: ( ::) )

And now the first "Comanche" chopper is out  8) a great example of how far we (the community) have taken OFP.
That wouldn't of happened without the hard butt labour of many a staffy as well as regular members  :D
(just using the comanche as a general example). Now, this is off course not all because of the ofpec. Many forums out there, and thats good, though I'll always stick to our sweet ol' OFPEC  8) Dunno man, somehow OFPEC has this healing ability - you don't get your answers and leave, you get your answers and you leave with a happy stomach so to speak, coz the answers are always followed by a laugh or two and thats the cool part, the great atmosphere!  8) I really enjoy that  :)

 :o Oh, speak of atmosphere: artak, put that avy back on, we need to talk about it soon!!!
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