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[MP] Bank Heist
« on: 19 Nov 2016, 19:25:47 »
Author: BadDream
Game Version: 1.99
Required Addons: None

Description: Team Vs Team. Police officers (WEST) job is to defend the gold and prevent terrorists from delivering the gold in one of their bases. Terrorists (RESISTANCE) need to get the gold packages from bank and get them to their truck and drive the truck in one of their bases.

Known Bugs: - None


ChangeLog:  Version 1.0: First version released.
                     Version 1.1: - Fixed Gold package missing after player who carries it disconnects
                                        - Fixed Being able to take gold package while inside motorcycle (Breaks the game)
                                        - Fixed various small bugs
                     Ver1.2 - Fixed bugs (script errors)
                                                       - Balance changes

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Re: [MP] Bank Heist
« Reply #1 on: 08 Jan 2017, 04:52:11 »
Sorry BadDream. We've never had a way to test MP missions and by now there are not likely enough people playing to test it properly, anyway.