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Author Topic: USAF "PJ's" - Beta Oxygen Shots  (Read 2370 times)
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« on: 30 Nov 2002, 20:48:12 »

Damn, this is the 2nd time i have to write this out! Anyway, I'm back - anybody who remebers the name will undoubtably have forgotten me - i've been away on a "sabbatical" getting work done at uni, my engagemnt finalised - i now hate rings and so on after my PC was stolen and my work on "Codename Guardian" lost.

Anyways i've reinstalled it on my old PC - 700mhz 128mb ram - shite perfromance but hey and on my return to the community i found O2 had been released - yey! After some tinkering and teaching myself how to model - i ain't done this before - i came up with this as my first attempt - the PJ's.

For those not in the know, they scoot around rescuing crashed pilots who get shot down behind enemy lines. They seemed a good addition to OFP - the rest of the SF seem to be being done and i like ot be different anyway.

The model itself is finalised - all texturing, LOD's etc done - but it is still in Beta at the moment pending ingame tests.
The shots below are taken from Bulldozer and give a taste of the textured model. Here's a list of additions/changes:

- Completly retextured tanker model in US BDU.
- Extensively revamped helmet based on the "ProTech" ones worn by PJ's with three-point straps.
- New radio headset and mike
- Body armour and new webbing rig - new puches, butt pack, water bottles etc
- New medical pack based on real trauma/first aids packs used by US Special Forces medics
- New thigh holster with Glock17
- Nice Jungly boots!

The BDU's come courtursy of Ebud from the SEB Delta pack who i have sent for permission through IM but he hasn't replyed yet - i'm sure he will tho.

Any constructive criticism welcome and i'd like some input on what weapons they carry - does anyone know?

« Reply #1 on: 30 Nov 2002, 22:28:51 »

Hey That's Really Good! Finnaly Some PJs!
For weapons PJs Use M4A1s Mostly and Sub MachineGuns Mp5s or something of that Nature, but M4s Usualy, For a hand Gun Give'em a Glock17 NV Goggles, but Thoes Models are Out Standing! Great Work!  Cheesy
The Edge
« Reply #2 on: 01 Dec 2002, 00:37:15 »


Ferret Fangs
« Reply #3 on: 01 Dec 2002, 01:05:45 »

Like PunkerSXDX said, great job. The PJ's have been a long time in coming to OFP. As far as weapons carried by AFSOC forces, I know of these: MP5, suppresed and un-suppresed with Aimpoint sights.
M4/M203 with ACOG sights and suppressors, and Beta C-MAG magazines.
The M9 Berreta 9mm pistol is the standard sidearm- not Glock.

Below is a pic of Air Force Combat Control Technicians, but the PJ's commonly carry similar loads...

BTW: I know a couple Jumper instructors... my wife and I are attached to Lackland AFB, where the PJ's basic trainng is located.

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Ferret Fangs
« Reply #4 on: 01 Dec 2002, 01:53:19 »

Well, my server wont allow access to the image, but I'll e-mail to you for viewing.
« Reply #5 on: 01 Dec 2002, 08:11:00 »

Do something to those pants, they need to be more slicker  Wink

Tight pants Forever!
The Edge
« Reply #6 on: 01 Dec 2002, 09:39:30 »


Old article, I have the issue.

The Air Force like to use their own weapon variants, but with a GAU-xx designation. There are slight diferences between the AF GAU-5/A and the "standard" M4A1, one of them being that the GAU-5/A does not have the shell deflector present (the flange behind the shell ejection port).
« Reply #7 on: 02 Dec 2002, 02:53:48 »

in the Pic it looks like he's got a one of te M4s from SJB's Pack but I think Fliper's Pack would do fine for the carbines, for Pistols, yeah Go with the Barettas, forget the Glock, I was just Guessing anyway  Wink You might want to consider Releasing a guy with the Boonie Hat, or Patrol Cap, as a Combat Control Technition. but Please Please Keep us Informed, I NEED THIS!
« Reply #8 on: 02 Dec 2002, 03:36:27 »

man those rock
but dont use the regular baretta use somethin like this
modified one so its like the m9
Ferret Fangs
« Reply #9 on: 02 Dec 2002, 06:01:05 »

Yeah, that's the M9 that AFSOC unit's use. The only thing I can think of is maybe doing a silenced version of the M9, and give the troops a few frags, bioculars and NVG's, and if you do make some CCT's, equip 'em with the ( old school, ugly as hell, looks like an antique film camera...) laser designator.
« Reply #10 on: 02 Dec 2002, 09:37:54 »

Yeah, That's a great Idea! or maybe make a whole new one! but you'd have to have a Lazer Target Designator in you Gear some where to be a good CCT? i mean what's a CCT with out his Lazer Target Designator?  ;D
« Reply #11 on: 02 Dec 2002, 20:07:40 »

Thanks for the input guys, mucho appreciated. As for the other USAF, such as the CCT,s I've done a bit of research and i'll include them in the pack - i'll probably put them in there own West Group "USAF Special Forces" - as for the models themselves i'll just make minor changes for each one - for example the CCT's will have a DPM cap which i've got and i'll 'av a go at the boonie hat but no promises.

As for the weapons I've got my hands on FlipeR's M4 and will put the base models (m4 + m4+203)  with the pack. AS for the berreta - i'll probly change it. I've started the config.cpp and i've got the weapons done and teh premise for the basic PJ done. I'll keep you updated.

Oh, one more thing - since the do the USAFSF wear unit badges on the shoulder when out in the field - i'm not sure how covertly they operate. Also whats do they call a squad - in the context that the Rangers have "chalks" and Delta have "teams". I've read that its a "flight" but this seems to apply at platoon levl. Any body know what it is on a team level?
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The Edge
« Reply #12 on: 02 Dec 2002, 21:11:01 »

Everything you need to know about PJ's (and AFSOC in general) is here: http://www.specialtactics.com

UPDATE: Found a nice pic of a PJ team

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Ferret Fangs
« Reply #13 on: 03 Dec 2002, 20:30:51 »

About the weapons...
Flipers M4 pack rules as we all know, but it doesn't include any scoped models. All AFSOC operators typically use scoped rifles. Now, that having been said, you may consider arming them with SJB's scoped M4 variants, they are based on Flipers pack if I'm not mistaken.
As for AFSOC personel wearing insignia in the field... forget it. All SOCOM operators "sterilize" themselves before insertion as standard operating procedure. This means no patches or insignia of any kind, except rank. The above Popular Mecahnics pic of the two CCT's in woodland BDU, was a posed shot.

This was a great message I've recieved in the past regarding PJ's for OFP, and how they should look:

"I noticed you posted something regarding these guys in the Ballistic Addons studio thread in the post 1980 part of the forum.
The helmets they wear don't vary much from the pics i've seen (www.specialtactics.com), depending on what sort of jump they're doing, in a way the 160th SOAR pilot's helmet resembles what a "HALO Jumper" would wear minus the fact that he's also wearing the oxygen mask, also Static Line and the Static line with tree gear helmets generally aren't that different either (no visor on the former, but one on the latter (although it looks like its mesh wire or something), and no oxygen mask).
Of course the Scuba Jumpers gear is already out of the question, as infantry can't swim in OFP, which is a d**n unfortunite occurance in my opinion, as I reckon adding the ability too swim would benefit some of the units out there, particulary US Navy SEAL, and US Naval Special Warfare - Developement Group (not that there are any addons for these guys yet, not too my knowledge anyway).
It seems too me, at least from what i've seen on that Special Tactics website (www.specialtactics.com), and a few others, that CCT and PJ's don't only just wear helmets, they also seem too wear caps or boonies (theres a pic of a bunch of Special Tactic Squadron guys wearing Woodland camo gear and boonies on page 2 of the photo gallery of that website I gave you the link for.)
Nevertheless, I doubt a addon maker would want too make different variations of the CCT/PJ guys, with Helmets/Caps/Boonies... honestly I'd prefer Boonies though, particulary in 3 Colour Desert Camo.
I had a pic of some CCT Operator wearing a balaclava/beanie and riding a mule/donkey in Afghanistan, this was prior too this happening http://www4.aixgaming.com/opend/album14/sf25 ... blacking out the eyes for "security purposes", the DoD wouldn't have been too pleased with the site in its original form, it had pics of Delta Operaters with faces fully visible, not too mention DevGru, they've done nothing too the 75th Ranger and 82nd Airbornes faces though, this guy is a exception too the rule, http://www4.aixgaming.com/opend/album14/sf37 CCT, looks like he's wearing Oakley sunglasses, notice the Boonie.
I noticed this guy aswell, http://www4.aixgaming.com/opend/album14/sf23 , wearing what I believe is called the PASGT Kevlar Helmet, could be wrong, I probably need too brush up on military terminology/gear.
A few more pics of interest, nice camo pattern on this guys M4 http://www4.aixgaming.com/opend/album14/sf1 (he's CCT aswell... there isn't many pics of PJ's on this site, http://www4.aixgaming.com/opend/albums.php)
I think this guy might be CCT too, http://www4.aixgaming.com/opend/album14/sf44
Still pretty good pics, the old site, used too have descriptions for the pics, not this time round though, so it's hard too say what unit a particular Operative belongs too.
Sorry about the long message by the way, still it's good too see someone else wanting too see some USAF Spec Ops units in OFP, I already have a mod that has PJ's for the game Ghost Recon (which I play a fair bit aswell.)"

As yo can see I've been waiting and wanting this for a long time.
« Reply #14 on: 03 Dec 2002, 22:03:23 »

LOL - one of the pictures of the DevGroup appeared on the front page of The Times - biggest national newspaper in the UK - recently after the assasination attempt on the Afgan president - there faces weren't blacked out there. It would be the equivalent of sticking two SAS men in full view on the front of the New York Post.

Anyway, about the scoped weapons - as i said before i'm modifying FlipeR's M4 (with the ACOG Reflex sight - tho i need a picture of what you'd get when you looked through - if anybody has one.)
I'm currently improving the textures on the models inbetween writing the config.cpp - i've got the CCT with peaked cap tho i'm thinkng about changing his pack at the moment - possibly a boonie hat and wolly hat if i can make them.

Thanks for the advice on arm patches - saves me some work!
I wil give them the Berreta but i'll have to keep the glock in the thigh holster.

As for the helmets - they're based on what they would wear in a combat situation - actual ProTech helmets as quoted by a number of websites. Boonies/caps/wolly hats will be availible depending on the operator and weapon load. 82nd Airbourne and the Rangers aren't exactly Special Forces - they're elite infantry units - much like the British Parachute Regeiment. I find that woodland camo on the weapons doesn't work as well as desert.
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