Author Topic: Need help with Camera,. Identities , groups and some waypoint questions  (Read 939 times)

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1.How do i make camera follow a certain object? Such as helicopter or the units sitting in the helicopter?

2.Also, i have a identity. I have a code like this:

Code: [Select]
class CfgIdentities
    class Jeremy_M
        name="Jeremy Meyers";

I saved it as identities.sqs in the mission folder and then in the player init field i wrote Jeremy_M setIdentity "Jeremy_M"

Wouldnt work.

BTW - Players name is Jeremy_M

2.Also, for example i want to make a radio chatter during the mission that would say for example

"So, what are the emotions? We're going to the war after all"
"All fine. I heard we've been there before and kicked some ass. Shouldnt be different this time"

and etc.

3. Mission starts with a helicopter already in the air. I made a waypoint to it to disembark on a little island. What i want to do is after disembarking to make soldiers to enter the boats. After the "GET OUT" waypoint i make the one directed to the boats with "GET IN" objective, but after disembarking the officer would instead command to mount up the helicopter once again.
How do i make this work out? I have my boats named as ship1,ship2,ship3,ship4

4. How do i make a group?
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1. You'll need to use a script that attaches the camera to the vehicle in question (fairly sure there's a few scripts like that lying around in the editor's depot).

2. Identities are called from a description.ext, not an sqs file.

3. Depends whether you want actual radio chatter using sound files or whether you just want the text. For the latter, just use 'sidechat' (or globalchat, groupchat or vehiclechat). How you use the command should be in the COMREF.

4. Hmm, guess you could try re-assigning each group member to the boats and use the 'ordergetin' command (again, the comref should show you how to use the command). The reason why the soldiers are boarding the chopper again is because they're still assigned to it.

5. Not sure what you mean here. A group is made by clicking the groups tab, and dragging a line between two units.

Hope this helps


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#1 If you mean, you want the camera to look at a unit and follow it while it moves, you just point the camera at it with camSetTarget. You can then use the [img=]http://camSetRelPos[/img] to set the camera in a position relative to the target. You could then loop that segment until you need another camera angle.
#2 To clarify, Identities are defined in the Description.ext. and then usually assigned in a units init field.
#4 You have to unassign a unit from a vehicle to prevent it from boarding again.
#5 Don't forget to double click the map while Groups(F2) is selected to bring up a list box of available predetermined groups.