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[SP/A2CO] Zub - Dynamic Mission (New version 2.5)
« on: 23 Mar 2012, 21:03:46 »

Mission Description:
We have located the stolen journal in Chernarus held by insurgents. Your team will take part in undercover operation to get that back by working together with NAPA and CDF.  

Key Features:
-Dynamic mission using whole Chernarus map
-Dynamic life generator for enemy/friendly units (patrols, scouts, camps, towers, slow/fast-reinforcements, support vehicles)
-Enemy groups communicate to track player's position, offering still change to flee unnoticed
-Random positioned dynamic tasks to give different feeling for the mission every time
-Much optional, but meaningful tasks included
-All tasks have effect on generating scripts or/and bigger tasks
-No HighCommanding, AI groups instead.
-Random events
-Much improved heavy dynamic civilian/animal ambient life
-Many Custom gameplay elements (Smoke signals, dynamic reinforcements, minefield truck, medic packs...)
-Friendly AI groups fighting with player depending on relationship values
-Made with Perfomance Friendly Methods

Optional Addons:
-Armed Forces of the Russian Federation by Red hammer Studios
-Project CDF by GossamerSolid (Must be 1.04 or newer)
-CBA (Enables TPWC AI Suppress (TPWCAS) by TPW && -Coulum- && fabrizio_T)
Download SP version 2.5 (Requires GAME VERSION 1.62 + ACR DLC or Lite version of ACR DLC)

Change Log:
-New sidetask
-Added custom event for heavy injuring
-Added extra effect when capturing supply truck
-Added Outro
-Mission is little more challenging now from start
-Many other tweaks/fixes
-New random defend-task
-Improved last tasks
-Empty vehicles can now be found in villages
-Some new fixed camps
-Some voices added for hostiles
-Improved markers
-Dialog improvements
-Crate with marker is no longer deleted in antenna task
-Much other tweaks/fixes/additions
 -NAPA HQ is now at random place (3 different)
 -CDF task is at random place (2 different)
 -Random cutscenes
 -New events
 -Player can now talk and receive intel with/from civilians
 -Additional vehicles used if addon "Project CDF by GossamerSolid" is detected
 -New optional function to remove unwanted team-member(s)
 -Spawning distance tweaks
 -Ambient Civilian Vehicles Module added
-Added Hungarian/Czech voices by Bardosy and Tslava
 -Much other tweaks/fixes/additions
 -Important hot fixes
 -Performance tweaks
 -New radio function
 -Added new possible path with alternative tasks and new factions
-Most of dialog corrected by Kommiekat
-NAPA camps fixed again
-Added angry villagers
-Added mechanized groups
-Civilian conversation may reveal NAPA camp position now
-Version 1.03a of "Project CDF by GossamerSolid" now supported
-Performance tweaks
-Many other tweaks/fixes/additions
-New AI functions (AI may hear your movement or sounds from bolted animals/civilians)
-AI may also react on dead bodies
-Voices for the function are made by SavedByGrace (more coming in next version)
-Much text corrections by Kommiekat
-New hidden CDF cutscene
-Player may now find weapons/ammo from houses and enemy camps (credit to DayZ for idea)
-British Units added as rare faction
-Russian status script improved
-NAPA soldier no longer shoot player rarely
-Player may ask now help from friendly soldiers too in first task
-Civilian talking system (+insertion) works now with any civilian
-Player is now saboteur (with backbag and ability to repair)
-Version 1.04 of "Project CDF by GossamerSolid" now supported
-Added custom dialog to set amount of ambient life and BIS`s advanced first aid system (if set on, a custom injured event is set off)
-Russians ignore player in vehicle now in peacetime
-Many other tweaks/fixes/additions (Thanks for feedback)
-THIS VERSION REQUIRES GAME VERSION 1.61 or (1.60 with beta 93296 or newer)
-Line of Sight and Body Direction checks added for many functions
-Dead Bodies need to be seen now for alarm
-Civilians react now on certain things only when seeing it
-In peace time russians dosent react on hidden player now
-Some other functions updated with the LOS command/Body direction
-AI function voices are now much less repeating
-Added the latest version of TPWCAS and new TPWLOS
-Both chooseable now in start dialog (dont enable if you have addon version)
-Added ACR content with new tasks
-Some dialog corrections by SavedByGrace
-New Outro Cinema (thx KBourne for animationLoop.sqf and animations list)
-Additional vehicles used if addon "Armed Forces of the Russian Federation by Red hammer Studios" is detected
-Animals now travel together sometimes to new places
-Civilian are staying more near of houses
-Many other tweaks/fixes/additions (Thanks for feedback)
-HOTFIX: Removed JSRS-mod requirement
-Updated TPWLOS to 1.03
-Updated TPWCAS to 3.04
-HOTFIX: Massive slowdown after 1.5h should be fixed now
-Added berry picking grannies to animal system
-Empty cars shouldnt be leaning to houses/fences anymore
-Much optimizations in scripts
-Added Null-object removal (thanks Tansien & Dwarden)
-Updated TPWLOS to 1.04

3rd Party Scripts:
-Dynamic weather script by Engima (+ volumetric fog effect by BIS)
-Mando Missiles Script by Mandoble
-Surrendering script borrowed partly from USPMON (by Mondasa & Kronzky)
-OilFire script from CE5A_Sandstorm.Takistan (by sxp2high or BIS?) - modified
-TPWC AI Suppress (TPWCAS) by TPW && -Coulum- && fabrizio_T
-BIS Artillery Module spawning template by blakeace
-SavedByGrace, Nettrucker, Rejenorst, Ruebe, Zonekiller, Celery, Zipper5, Gossamersolid, Mad_Cheese, Undeceived, Orcinus, Djol, Asa, Kommiekat, Richchad

-I44 conversion
-Mission concept copy&pasted and expanded to be used in Iron Front/ArmA3

-Keep moving after enemy contact
-Its safer in forests
-Unlimited Savegame 0-0-1
-Medicpacks 0-0-0

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Re: [SP/A2CO] Zub - Dynamic Mission
« Reply #1 on: 23 Mar 2012, 22:06:46 »

Muhaha :cool2: Only the name of the mission and the location of the screenshot will make me test this! :D Great to see something new from you!

Btw. you are making a campaign? NICE! Tell me more?! :)
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SP resistance campaign:
[CAMP] Black Lands

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Re: [SP/A2CO] Zub - Dynamic Mission
« Reply #2 on: 23 Mar 2012, 22:54:10 »
Thx :), That location was perfect for one "important camp" ;), its currently made as fixed location, but at somepoint I could make it random too, there is other nice similar locations for that camp too. Just need to do some cutscenes multiple times.

This is a sequel mission for the Chasing Grim Reaper-campaign. I will attach this later to it as bonus content with one other suprise when I get this mission more improved. Not yet new campaign coming, unless you would think this mission as campaign. Its currently 2-4hour long if you compelete all the tasks, but I plan to add much more optional tasks for different factions.

Little worried how the scripts end up working - will there be memory leaks? At least I spend much time to optimize the scripts with this guide:

The spawning scripts became much more performance friendly after I ended using the 500x slower version of createVehicle. :D

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Re: [SP/A2CO] Zub - Dynamic Mission
« Reply #3 on: 23 Mar 2012, 23:27:12 »
Ah, ok.

By now I know that region like the back of my hand! :)
I'll test this next week when one of my numerous "university burdens" falls from my shoulders.

Interesting page, that code optimisation thing.
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SP resistance campaign:
[CAMP] Black Lands

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Re: [SP/A2CO] Zub - Dynamic Mission
« Reply #4 on: 23 Mar 2012, 23:55:33 »
Sure, no hurry. I also had pause with arma editing few weeks ago when preparing for exams :) There will be anyway updates time to time. I need to create proper outro for the mission next.

The code optimisation thing is really handy. I got rid of heavy stuttering with that. Currently the mission works very smooth for me. You can still notice tiny snaps time to time when driving (with i7 2600k), but not big performance drops.

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Re: [SP/A2CO] Zub - Dynamic Mission
« Reply #5 on: 28 Mar 2012, 14:37:32 »
Wow.. this is a big one! I guess I did everything wrong I possibly could so it took me around 12h to complete this beast : )

Played with official 1.60

Awesome Overview/Loading image.

The intro does a good job setting the mood of the things to come. I watched it twice, first time was perfect, but the second time the chopper went out of frame. The incoming tracers look great.

A few grammar and spelling errors but I guess these will be fixed in time. Information on situation and tasks is limited but sufficient, fitting the mission's style. The briefing relates to before the crash, but that's not a problem I guess.

A huge scale mission with great immersion and VERY good functions. Since this is a dynamic mission I will not elaborate on everything I did and try to focus.
When I reached the NAPA leader, i had speed running on 4x so the cutscene kicked in at 4x and I had to reload, forcing setacctime 1 imo should be a part of any cutscene.
After this, i embarked into a player's nightmare trying to get to the CDF's camp totally outnumbered. After about 25 fails I reloaded to a savegame before the NAPA cutscene.

This time a full blown attack wave on NAPA takes place and I manage to capture two BMP's, also this time I get the hint about the location of Mr. Swartz's who was mentioned to me by the NAPA leader.
After meeting the CDF I embark on a rather long trip, completing all the tasks on my list. I encounter quite a lot of jets, taking them down is very difficult because the view distance appears to be set by script.
After I am done with the tasks, I am left completely confused about what to do. Not elaborating further, I arrive back at the NAPA hideout 2.5h later and just accidentaly see the action menu.  :D
It would be a good idea to add the 2nd meeting with the NAPA leader as a task when the necessary conditions for the attack are met. I didn't remember I was required to go back to the hideout.
The joined attack with NAPA and CDF is breathtakin. Since I had those BMP'S it turned into a the best mechanized infantry experience I had with A2 so far. I had to try two times though, on my first runs the FPS dropped to 7 while I was breaking through. Interesting about this was that it only happened after the fighting started and only if I saved the game or looked at the map - no idea what caused this.

Some observations: I probably did it the wrong way, but previous to the combined attack I had already been in Vybor (to destroy the supplies) and also at the airfield (while driving around clueless after completing all tasks). Both were not heavily defended as it's the case later at the joined attack, which somewhat reduces the plausibility at this point. It should be almost impossible for the player alone to destroy the cache at Vybor or any AA vehicles behind those lines prior to the big attack.

Summing up:
The dynamics and details in this mission are incredible, I can only imagine how many functions are at work here or how much of the events are actually randomized.
All of Chernarus is at life, wherever I go there's animals, civilians, Airforce and patrols who spot me and call in artillery. Wow! Also the design of structures is awesome and adds great feel, like it's always the case in your missions : )
The last task was a great climax. I am sure I missed some tasks, I will definitly play this again. Thanks for all this hard work!

I was wondering, since it's being stressed to maintain good relations with Napa/CDF and locals if I could have done anything more to establish those. Locals never spoke to me (except about the doctor in the beginning) and I didn't really have an option to decline a favour.
Some possible confusion on the player's end can be avoided by making things more clear, like how to interact or meeting NAPA a second time or when to communicate with locals.
Since the 1.60 patch I have a lot of issues with the AI using binoculars all the time instead of doing what they were ordered. Unless the bino's are vital for something I recommend removing them for the AI.

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Re: [SP/A2CO] Zub - Dynamic Mission
« Reply #6 on: 28 Mar 2012, 17:39:36 »
Hey, thanks for heavy testing and feedback. :) There is definitely still much to do, especially the surroundings for enemy base are not acting right yet if player sneaks there before activating the final tasks. English corrections will be later, I will still probably add and change much of the dialog. More transportation vehicles is also needed.

I will rework with the AA and supply depot locations more. There could be more small enemy camps all over the map with those in them. Places that player could avoid, but also capture if he wants.

Suprising how different your trip to CDF was, I was worried not to face any enemies when driving there, but seems like things could turn into very deadly sometimes. :D

I forgot to add the information how to begin the assault, its fixed in next version too. I also will tweak that assault, its currently too heavy event. AI units could be spawned much slower for that. Its some bit harder now to tweak these missions since my new CPU runs now almost anything. :) Good thing you mentioned that, I meant this beta mainly for performance feedback. :)

You can improve relationship towards civilians when saving them from insurgents. Randomly there is a massgrave with alive civilians and enemies around it. If you kill them and get closer to the alive civilians they thank you. I meant to have fire-effects on random houses in villages that are in trouble, but last minute changes broke that for the 0.8 version. Its fixed in next version too.

When saving civilians few times, armed civilians are randomly spawned into villages. I will try to have more effects from that relationship too. Also add other tasks with effects. In next version, you can destroy enemy artillery, there is a event from heavy injuring (player is dragged to nearby forest for healing), capturing supply truck (when bringing it to the NAPA HQ) bring extra random weapon to new weapon crates in NAPA HQ. I will also try to have outro for next version.

I will also remove those binoculars from team-members.

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Re: [SP/A2CO] Zub - Dynamic Mission
« Reply #7 on: 31 Mar 2012, 21:31:10 »
Version 0.9 is available. I tryed to fix all reported issues and much other. There is also much other fixes and some additions. I will continue working on this, but wanted to hurry few important fixes in this. I left the supply depot to the challenging place. Its meant to hurt much the enemy, but also require much more skills to complete it. The Anti-Air vehicles I moved to more easy places.

I didnt yet tweak the intro camera. Its attached to chopper, but somehow it floats much. Its in the to-do pile, but I will try to improve the mission itself first, before burning out with that issue. ;)

Edit: I had broken file name in earlier link. Now fixed with new link.
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Re: [SP/A2CO] Zub - Dynamic Mission
« Reply #8 on: 01 Apr 2012, 15:46:13 »
Hello SaOk, here is my beta test report. :)
Unfortunately I didn't finish the mission - but just read on. :)

Mission version: First beta version you posted here.
Mods used: I began without any mod. Later I started with that addon from Zipper5 which prevents infantry using AT against infantry.

- Great. Good picture, mission description and loading screen. All worked finely.

- There are a lot of typos (also in the whole of the mission) - you might want to check these.

- Other than that all is clear and the player knows what to do.

- The pistols of the other AI units should be removed to prevent the pistol bug which happens from time to time. I also removed all binoculars because the units stop all 200 meters to use it. :)

- The SMAW ammo was a weak one - and I had to add it manually ot the own gear.

- Great intro sequence. The tracers and the chopper going down really were beautiful to watch - even though I also had the chopper going outside the camera angle at one point. But I didn't feel this looked odd.

MISSION:pet looking out the castle! ;) :D Probably just a random spawned animal.

- Somewhere along the way I had to reload the game, then a script error appeared (see screenshot).
And another script error came when I was near the antenna after talking to Mr. Schwarz (see screenshot).

- I think it would be good if you don't delete the markers from the map after an objective is completed. After destroying the antenna (task from Mr. Schwarz) I wanted to fill my ammo with some AT rounds, but the marker of the ammo box was gone. So I couldn't find the crate anymore...

- In the "truck with mines" near Zub there were no mines at all.

- The CDF commander sent me to Gorka to destroy a AA truck. After this I went to the village and experimented a GREAT firefight along the CDF reinforcements (with tanks) and my unit members. That really was cool! :)

- An enemy plane was around us for the biggest time of the mission. It's nothing bad but I think that the player will suspect pretty quickly that the mission maker has something to do with that. :) I mean - did you command the plane to circle the player's position?

- When I was around Vybor, suddenly the performance dropped significantly (down to 12 FPS). It stayed like this for about 5 minutes, then it went to normal FPS again (in my case: 30-40 FPS with approx. 3500 meters viewdistance).

- Sometimes the camp guards are setpossed into the ground (see screenshotMISSION WALKTHROUGH:
Ok, now that I told you some bugs, here we go for a "walktrough" of how I played the mission and what I experienced while doing it.


About the dynamic elements of the mission:

With the dynamic war between the parties you created something VERY special! I think that the last time I felt immersed so deeply into a continuous conflict between two sides, was in the OFP mission Abandoned Armies by THobson. And this is really is one of the "highest awards" I can give to missions like this. :) It was just awesome to whitness so many skirmishes all indepent of the player.
The situations where there were cooperation between the player and AI -> just phenomenal!

About the spawning elements:

I think that the downside of this dynamic is the fact that always new units are spawned. I noted some points that try to make this clearer:

1. You can't "escape" the war. If you try to do a large flanking manouver, you will AGAIN meet enemies - you can't go anywhere, where no activity is going on.

2. Read number 22 of my walkthrough. ->  You can't see anyone from far, but when you go there, there are enemies.

3. The microstuttering, which happens, when the player moves on and new units are spawned. This point however is just a minor one.


This really is an awesome mission! What makes it that special really is (as mentioned) the dynamic war between NAPA/CDF and Chedaki/Russia (?). The war really is going on in Chernarus and the player experiences this in many many situations. That means that the war is not only a background story written in the mission's overview and in the briefing, as many other mission authors do - it really IS there. This makes this mission a great experience.

You should make the objectives clearer (what to do, where to go, etc.) and maybe find a way to make the unit spawning a bit more "unnoticeable" for the player.

Other than that I see a hammer of a mission coming to the game! :)

Great job!

Just a small addition:

I also felt like Mad_Cheese mentioned (but I wasn't at the airfield):

Some observations: I probably did it the wrong way, but previous to the combined attack I had already been in Vybor (to destroy the supplies) and also at the airfield (while driving around clueless after completing all tasks). Both were not heavily defended as it's the case later at the joined attack, which somewhat reduces the plausibility at this point. It should be almost impossible for the player alone to destroy the cache at Vybor or any AA vehicles behind those lines prior to the big attack.

Small addition Nr. 2:

I didn't see anything of those "additional tasks", which are mentioned in the briefing. I tried to talk to civilians here and there but there was no option... No one called for help and I saw no prisioneers or mass graves (I read your reply above).
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SP resistance campaign:
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Re: [SP/A2CO] Zub - Dynamic Mission
« Reply #9 on: 01 Apr 2012, 17:01:33 »
I will try to improve that depot/final assault aspect more. The mass grave is only civilian task currently. Its not shown anywhere, player need to find those himself. In new 0.9 version, there is always civilians in trouble when the village is on fire.

Btw. that map was cool, did you draw the route yourself or is there a some program/addon for it?
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Re: [SP/A2CO] Zub - Dynamic Mission
« Reply #10 on: 01 Apr 2012, 17:52:11 »
Ok, I understand that to save CPU, it is not possible to spawn objects / units very far away. Looking forward to your tweaks anyway!

I edited the map in Paint - so no addon or program used to draw. The clean map is here:

Gook luck with your mission! It really is fun to play!
SP resistance campaign:
[CAMP] Black Lands

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Re: [SP/A2CO] Zub - Dynamic Mission
« Reply #11 on: 07 Apr 2012, 23:09:58 »
I released new 0.95 version, fixing many annoying bugs. If you already are playing older version, feedback from those are also welcome. :)

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Re: [SP/A2CO] Zub - Dynamic Mission
« Reply #12 on: 24 Apr 2012, 23:38:01 »
I released new 1.0 version with many changes. Including random positioned NAPA HQ. If you want to make sure its chosen different from old Zub. Save the game just before reaching the NAPA soldiers in trouble (those who are shooting yellow flare after finding doctor). The location is chosen during the dialog. "Project CDF by GossamerSolid" is a optional addon, if you have that those vehicles are randomly spawned with the default CDF vehicles.

Edit: New version 1.1 is here with many hotfixes. 1.0 version was very flawed, I shouldnt have never released it. Sorry if someone played it.  :-[
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Currently working on new heavy changes. I am adding russians as new faction. First they are in peace with everyone only light patrolling and guarding few settlements, but if player goes too near or any russian is hurt, there will be new path of tasks in the mission. I hope to have it ready in 1-2 weeks. Just to inform if someone is thinking to start a testrun. Betatest are welcome from older versions too, or you can also wait the next version if you like to experience the russian part. I plan to to create 1-2 more version and then take a long break when Iron Front arrives. Still I am getting more and more excited of this project. Could be that I will work on this even more during waiting ArmA3. :)

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Re: [SP/A2CO] Zub - Dynamic Mission (New version 1.5)
« Reply #14 on: 05 May 2012, 00:38:55 »
New version 1.5 is here with new alternative path of tasks if player end up in conflict with few faction - russians. Much other tweak/fixes and additions also included.