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Making my own Mission
« on: 18 Nov 2010, 21:05:07 »
Hello there,
I have some questions about making missions, i checked the forums all over the ArmA 2 place's and forums
I know a litle about the editor, thanks to Gunter from the @A2Warmod....
Now planning the missions, and what units gear island to use....
I want to use the Isla Duala island
I have a Duala island with no units on it :) so its clean from all crapp
My target is....

Its hould be a long lasting war, ambient battling AI unit's all around trying to capture villages and Bases...
Civilians, and independent units, that can Change sides, How..? the one who makes the less killing of civilians
Should be rewarded with help from the independents...
so be carefull with useless bombing's, it can change the whole war...

1: Isla Duala, Panthera looks nice 2 maybe for later....
2: I need to carriers on each side of the island, from there the mission will start
3: i Need 3 bases with airfield's 2 small base close to the shoreline's, 1 big base in the middle of the island..
All bases must be capured in a follow order, Form carrier's capture first base , after fisrt base is done capture mainbase, after mainbase done, capture last base, close to hostile Carrier... once all bases are captured you are able to sink the carrier, carriers must have escort, ships and one sub both sides, then what i wanted to do is only after having control of all the base your able to go with your ships to other side of the island to go sink the carrier
not before, but the subs should be able to go stalk the Carrier's ony the subs can move to other side of the island thru the whole game, ships and carrier can move over only after the 3 base are reward for capturing the Mainbase in the middle you get a Scud missile launcher !!! with nuke warheads hehehehehe
So there wil be a Scud hunt missions in it :) only the scud can kill the carrier thru all the game :) but you must capture the big base first :)

Radar planes giving intel about hostile planes trying to come agress the carriers
Some planes like the small awacs type u have on carriers, if you shoot the plane, u are blind, extra problem for the boys hehehehe, on both sides , those planes stay above the carriers, we can make them AI yeah they should only cover the fleet and nothing else, Helos for hunting subs, depthcharges and torps for the naval warfare Sub hunting guys, sonar..., Submarines should be able to launch ballistic missile, Tomahawks, for Troop support, Harpoons for ships attack, and SAS should be able to be released from the subs while under water... for nite missions work behind enemy lines.....

What do i need to  keep in mind when i start setting up the basic of the mission?

thanks... :-[

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Re: Making my own Mission
« Reply #1 on: 25 Feb 2012, 03:22:06 »
Well I must say the mission concept is great and I like all of the side factors that come into play... seems like it would be a good fun mission. The only flaw I can see is your ambition.

For me - learning to mission edit took many many (and many) hours of work to gain the knowledge I have and it was not for lack of ambition. The problem is it seems you are jumping in the deep end or trying to run before you have learned to walk.

I'd suggest you start with a less complicated mission such as a coop, to learn the basics of how to script and design missions before attempting to create your masterpiece.

just a thought :)