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Author Topic: I can't get the MASH tent and respawn locations to work as respawns  (Read 456 times)
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« on: 31 Aug 2010, 09:51:43 »

I wanted to make respawn locations in a usermission called "Called to Glory 1.3" and have atleast succeeded to make a "west_respawn" in the base where the mission starts.

This idea came from a mission called "yellow dog", made by a user on the armaholic called Hoiba. He had 3 respawn-locations on the map and the MASH tent for respawn aswell. That's what I wanted in my own missions.
So I tried to make this happen in the "call to glory" mission, but what works is: The base-respawn (original) without norrin's script and the "deploy mobile respawn" and "stow it", but I cant respawn on it when it's deployed.  Dry

I've put out markers as: Respawn 1, Respawn 2 and Respawn 3 aswell.
When I die, theres no "mini-map" when it should be and no buttons to select where to respawn.

I'm dying to get this script to work and I some serious explanation how to get this to work correctly as the both mission-script's looks the same.

I have uploaded my edited version of "Call to Glory" here for you to take a look: https://www-lagring.telia.se/Shares/Home.aspx?ShareID=9084f249-db3e-468c-9251-0f31535f6fe2
And here is the yellowdog mission: https://www-lagring.telia.se/Shares/Home.aspx?ShareID=21073ffd-7d8d-487a-9f9b-7bc9db1a9963
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« Reply #1 on: 06 Sep 2010, 10:57:14 »

Is noone familiar with Norrin's revivescript?  Huh? I hardly think so... Help me out guys, plz!  Wink
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