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Author Topic: Convoy Script?  (Read 379 times)
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My life is hopeless...

« on: 30 Jun 2010, 15:47:25 »

Is there a good and advanced convoy script for OFP 1.96 ?


Very busy with life, business, and other stuff. Away from OFP for months. Not sure if I could get back onto it. Sad
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« Reply #1 on: 30 Jun 2010, 15:54:01 »

I looked through the Editor's Depot section of the site and, to my surprise, I found nothing convoy related. Sad

What do you want this convoy script to be able to do?

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My life is hopeless...

« Reply #2 on: 30 Jun 2010, 16:07:34 »

Just as i expected....

I am not searching for a convoy script,but I am making a convoy script.

Probably an advanced script i think.
(Advance enough to line up the cars properly  Cheesy )

It's strange why I created a convoy script in my Sniper mission.....
At first  I intended to make a simple convoy script to use in the mission.
But later it became more and more complex.

Here's some of the futures features

How it works ?
Array of cars will follow main car.
And main car will move through your defined destination(either waypoints or positions)
Destination is in the format array.

(Actually, each car follow the car that is infront of them(in the array))
jp1 follows main car,jp2 follows jp1,jp3 follows jp2,jp4 follows jp3.

If main car's destroyed, jp1 will be selected as main car,if jp1's dead,then jp2 is the maincar.

If any car from convoy's destroyed, all the non-driver/gunner/commander units will bail out and check the area for a certain time, if they have not spotted an enemy within a specified time.They hop in their respective vehicles and proceed journey.

If driver of ANY vehicle's dead.A cargo unit from that vehicle replaces the driver.
If driver of MC is killed.Cargo unit from MC will replace it.If there are NO cargo units in MC.
Cargo unit from MC's group will replace it, if there are no units in MC group,then Cargo unit from followers(car array) will replace it.

If ANY car's out of fuel or can't move, driver of that car hop out and repair it.

Some other features...

Sorry for sloppy english, just don't have much time........

Very busy with life, business, and other stuff. Away from OFP for months. Not sure if I could get back onto it. Sad
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« Reply #3 on: 30 Jun 2010, 17:52:53 »

I would recommend depbo'ing THobson's Abandoned Armies. If you want an "advanced" convoy script, that's where you'll find it.
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