Author Topic: [SP] First landing Boika column.  (Read 382 times)

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[SP] First landing Boika column.
« on: 14 Feb 2014, 02:41:52 »
Hello again, I glad to see you!

Author: Serpiente
Version: 1.0
Required Addons: OFPEC Blood Addon Final
                        ORCS Effect Pack v 2.0 & RD-54 Backpacks pack
                        [OFP] Editor103 by Mikero

Mission Description: Attack an base from the sea.
Features: there are some script, mines (behind wires fences), bombing, alarm, create box with ammo, water mines (do not destroy boat, is only for effect), specnaz must survive and destroy bmp. If specnaz die you must destroy the armor vehicle, with your mines or take rpg from the dead soldier and change the flag finally.
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Re: test sp mission please.
« Reply #1 on: 14 Feb 2014, 02:51:36 »
Hey guy, could you please take the time to read the mission submission standards, so we can keep things orderly? Thanks.

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Re: test sp mission please.
« Reply #2 on: 14 Feb 2014, 03:32:16 »
ok is my next objective  :D
ok I rewrite the post  :good:
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Re: [SP] First landing Boika column.
« Reply #3 on: 28 Jun 2014, 07:15:32 »
Thank you for revising your first post, my friend. It certainly helps beta testers focus on the task of testing rather than the chase of addon discovery.
Mission upload
First off, before you upload a mission to your thread, it must be in pbo format and accompanied by a Readme. A pbo is made by exporting to single player. Make sure you test it before you ask others to test it. A readme should include most of what you have on your first post but you should also acknowledge all third party resources such as addons, scripts, templates, etc. The Readme and pbo should be combined into a single folder and then zipped for upload.

When you update your mission for the next version, please be sure to add a changelog to the readme and the first post to help tester see where you focused and what if any bugs still remain.

The mission
You should add a name to it within the editor.
Add a proper Overview, complete with image and brief description
I would also consider looking into adding Intros. Just something simple would go far.
The briefing was okay but much was lost in translation. I can help you proofread it for English but I'd rather wait, since you are likely to add/remove some text as you improve your work. Once you begin to polish the mission, we'll help with the grammar and spelling. Markers could also use some identification on the map. The whole thing did not become somewhat clear until after I had played the mission.

At mission start, the BlackIn effect was delayed simply because you placed the command in the init.sqs. The init.sqs is read and executed by the game engine, after the mission.sqm, and so by placing that command into a units init, or sensor's Onactivation field, you can have the BlackIn effect function as it should. You also have the units moved into their boats with a sensor(trigger) that has a 2 second delay. Move these commands into the same init or Onactivation field that you do the BlackIn command and you will not see them standing on the beach at mission start before being teleported to the boats.

Slow startup makes the wait longer than it should be especially since there is no ambiance going on. Radio chatter or squad talk within the boat would be nice. Perhaps adding some sounds coming from the large ship would be creative as well.

Your water exploding was a very nice touch but incomplete at best. The water particles splash but there is no sound from the impact, explosion or splash. Good visual though, very creative.

You inserted auto saves at good points throughout the mission.

Those MG's destroyed my allies and so I was left with only one to finish the mission. The first weapons crate on the beach was not really needed for such a short battle. Plenty of dead to rearm from and US ammo inside the base provides ample opportunity to continue killing the baddies. After clearing the outer perimeter, I naded the interior and got the hint for the counter attack. I was expecting, based on the briefing, to have to take out that BMP on my own and so I searched for an rpg but was unable to find one. No worries though, I guess the unseen allies took it out.

No outro, always nice to be rewarded for a tough fight and cinema is a great reward for the player. It's worth investing some time in learning it, if you plan on releasing more missions.

Very good start. Lots of text to clean up, some minor tweaks to balance the project, perhaps some cinema to round out the full experience but it plays through from start to finish without a problem.

I hope you plan on improving your work to its fullest potential. If so, I'll stay with ya all the way and then give you a review and a front page story when we publish it. I look forward to seeing the changes you make.

Good luck.